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police arrested our lawyers for trying to see us in jail
by Michelle Steinberg (michelle [at]
Friday Sep 22nd, 2000 4:35 PM
Police violently arrested one attorney and later took custody of two others, as the Lawyer's Guild representatives attempted to visit jailed protestors.
Today, in another brutal display of excessive force, four police officers tackled a member of the National Lawyer’s Guild to the ground. The attorney and two of his colleagues were arrested at midday, while attempting to represent the nine demonstrators taken into custody during the morning’s protests.

While granting access to all individuals not affiliated with the demonstration, the five police officers, temporarily stationed outside the Hall of Justice, denied entrance to the lawyers. The police offered several vague and seemingly fabricated reasons for their position. At one point they suggested that an alleged sighting indoors of several individuals supposedly linked to the demonstrators justified their decision. The officers allowed a public defender to enter the building on behalf of the attorneys. However, she was subsequently redirected to another bureau location, leaving the Lawyer’s Guild representatives in continued limbo.
Minutes later, when the police demanded a complete list of detainee’s names, one lawyer stepped up to supply the information. Still denied access, he heatedly argued for his right to represent his clients. They responded to his words with unchecked aggression. Four officers descended upon the attorney, simultaneously forcing him to the ground. See video for further details (, and stay tuned for upcoming footage on the arrests of the other two lawyers.
by mister wise guy (marzipan [at]
Friday Sep 22nd, 2000 10:33 PM
watched that video twice, and he's shouting in their faces; then he sort of lurches at and between the cops, kind of invading their blockade. probably the cops saw it as disorderly conduct at the least, assaulting an officer(s), and disobeying an officer's order.

now, i think the cops are probably obeying political and probably federal orders: the pattern at most of the major protests this year so far has been to deny prisoners their rights.

lessee, i believe the police can hold a detainee without charging 'em with a crime for up to 48 hours, not including Sundays and holidays, before they have to be released.

When during that period of time an attorney has to be brought to the prisoner, i don't know. anybody else?
by ch@nce (coh [at]
Friday Sep 22nd, 2000 11:06 PM
goodnight, officer
by ch@nce (coh [at]
Friday Sep 22nd, 2000 11:07 PM
goodnight, officer
by ch@nce (coh [at]
Friday Sep 22nd, 2000 11:29 PM
goodnight, officer
Sunday Sep 24th, 2000 2:44 AM

Breaking news ...

we have exclusive footage of want appears to be a very large
angery man who is yelling at and threatening
a peace officer...

the man is involved is some dispute or protest...

the man continuse to yell and theaten officers...

and it looks like the men is now rushing and
pushing at the officer....who is showing great restraint...

but now officers are placing this angery disturbed man
under arrest... it appears as if he is.. resiting... he is now under arrest.... wants.. that his... followers are chanting something... i cant quiet make it out
and the officers must be 5 or 6 useing great restraint
are leading him away...
.. well thats was some dramatic footage... yes indeed
lets hope he gets the help he needs
... well lets now cut away for the sports...
but first this message

is owr friend some one to count on
not A RED LIE to fear reject
prodaganda can be fun
and funky dark and tragic
sympathetic and heroic victories THE TRUTH produced
or it can be shit,
lies, lies ,goddam fucking lies of our enemys
dig it

BUT The truth is the big lawyer gets arrested is a piss poor prodaganda film.

It looks set up and feels like your whiching a drunk friend
make a fool of him self, and its on tape .
It could also easily be coupted
by local media or others? to discredit his legal (owr) compliant... the guy is unsympathetic he is rightest
and has some good lines...but just feels all wrong on tape.

The clip has no prodaganda value provides no education or inspiration did not provoke the state ( coppers )
looks and sounds like, want most of america. hates about protests. big loud and pushy

WE would of been better if he had used his outrage in
a passive manner being big he should have made him self
small being strong he should of been weak
if he had sat down and and done any passive protest
then we would of had something.. maybe the cop would of
gotten pissed off at him for just being passive then we would HAD A prodaganda clip

peaceful lawyer gets beaten
gased while lawfully
trying to see his client
thats dramatic footage

Contrast "the big attorney gets arrested" with the other, clip of 2 attorneys being arrested the first attorney articulated her point very well so we are educated. She is peacefully she is there lawfully,so we are sympathetic and was illegally prevented from seeing her clients,injustice exposesd and documented for all to see
she then walks foward with her hands backhind her back a passive yet defient act SO WE are inspired by her act of courage this clip is for the non-
activest insperation for new or commited activist and
injustices exposesd and documented
the sec, attorney did not articulete his position but
follows peacefully.

as we all learn to use this new medium as a protest tool
lets work to serve a purpose "higher" then DV drama and confrontation we need to portray committed activest at there best,
teach the non activest,inspire new activest expose and document the injustices of the world, and crate sympathy in the general public

The best "prodaganda"is truth the the rest is good editing....
by Phil
Tuesday Sep 26th, 2000 1:53 AM
Brutal display of excessive force? Where do you see that? The lawyer guy was acting like a complete asshole. Screaming and carrying on like a kid on a school yard. The cop came off looking totally patient and slightly bored. The verbal harangue accomplished nothing but to make the movement look bad. The last thing you see is the dumb tub of lard charging the cops and then being taken (fairly gently) to the ground. They cuff him and stand him up and then as if things weren't bad enough already, we've got fatso whining about getting choked. Are we sure this guy was a lawyer? From the looks of things I'd almost think that he was some kind of plant to discredit the action.
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