imageNewsom appoints two top oil and gas regulators, including a former Chevron staffer
by Dan Bacher
The appointments of Shabazian and Ntuk come in the wake of increased opposition by environmental justice, conservation and public interest groups to the expansion of onshore and offshore drilling in California under Governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom....
Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 1:54AM
imageDrew Glover and Chris Krohn Recall 10-19-2019
by AutumnSun
Members of the "No Recalls Truth Squad" met at Santa Cruz City Hall this morning at about 10:30 am. Today is what Santa Cruz United was calling the last day for them to get people to sign their petitions....
Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:10PM
audioFacial Recognition Technology in Santa Cruz (audio/mpeg 44.0MB) by John Malkin
Interview with Northern California ACLU technology and civil rights attorney Matt Cagle about facial recognition technology. Cagle will be a panelist at a public forum sponsored by the Santa Cruz Chapter of the ACLU on Friday, October 25 at 7:00 PM at the Santa Cruz Resource Center for Nonviolence. Additional panelists will be Santa Cruz City Councilmember Justin Cummings, Lee Hepner, aide to San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin and Tracy Rosenberg, Executive Director of Media Alliance....
Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 11:42AM
imageDrew Glover and Chris Krohn Recall Whole Foods Santa Cruz 10-17-2019
by AutumnSun
After I covered the No Recall action at UCSC I traveled across town to Whole Foods Market to see what might be going on there regarding the recall....
Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 11:30PM
imageDrew Glover and Chris Krohn Recall UCSC Santa Cruz 10-17-2019
by AutumnSun
People for No Recall went to the University of California, Santa Cruz to inform people of some of the true facts regarding the recall rather than the allegations that petitioners for Santa Cruz United have been telling people to get them to sign the recall petition!...
Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 10:35PM
imageIn SJ Thousands Hit Streets In For Living Wages: SEIU 521 Valley Medical Workers Strike
by Labor Video Project
Thousands of Santa Clara County SEIU 521 workers struck against union-busting and for living wages. They also are fighting against closures threatening the clients who need services near their homes. They were joined on the picket lines with nurses and some construction workers....
Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 9:17PM
textThe City Council Recall is a Cynical Power Grab by John Kevin Rothwell
Let’s tell it like it is. The Santa Cruz City Council recall campaign is a political power grab sponsored by landlord and real estate interests - the same class of people who have been relentlessly driving up the cost of housing here for years now....
Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 10:27AM
imageNazi metal fest happening this weekend (Oct 18-20) in Oakland!
by Shut Down Nazi Metal
ALERT: Oakland venues Elbo Room and Oakland Metro are hosting a black metal festival with neo-Nazi ties called Never Surrender this weekend Oct 18 - 20. Never Surrender (formerly called Nuclear War Now Fest) is organized by labels known for distributing Nazi metal: Iron Bonehead Productions and Nuclear War Now! Productions. The lineup for Never Surrender includes bands known to have Nazi associations such as Black Witchery, Bone Awl, Volahn, and Blue Hummingbird On The Left. More info: https...
Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 9:27AM
imageJoin the No Recalls Truth Squad!
by Stop the Recalls
Recall petitioners are on campus, using deceptive and divisive arguments for the recall. But we are also there, and we're getting a strong response and gratitude from students for clarifying what the recall is about. Please join the No Recalls Truth Squad!...
Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:38AM
imageTwo Deaths in Two Days at Santa Cruz Main Jail
by Santa Cruz Police News
In the past week, two inmates have died in custody at the Santa Cruz County Main Jail on Water Street. According to a press release from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office, James Kohut was found deceased in his cell at the main jail on October 13. Correctional Officers say they found Kohut alone in his cell in a protective unit. He did not share a cell with any other inmates. On October 14, 24-year-old German Carrillo of Watsonville was found deceased in his cell at the Santa Cruz County ...
Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 7:05PM
imageAmerican Steel Studios Use Logs to Displace West Oakland Homeless for a Year and Counting
by Zack Haber
By placing giant logs on the public streets outside their building, American Steel Studios in West Oakland has prevented homeless residents from parking outside it. The City of Oakland has allowed the logs to remain for a year and counting even in the wake of the fact that 11 West Partner, who owns AS, gave an illegal donation to Mayor Schaaf's campaign....
Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 1:00PM
calendarMichael Diehl Memorial Celebration by Boona Cheena
The Berkeley School 1310 University Ave., Berkeley, CA...
Event Date: Sun Nov 3, 2019 4:00PM
Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 11:04AM
textNew Rent Laws: Renters get longer notice for rent increases above 10% by Lynda Carson
Starting January 1, 2020, AB 1110 takes effect which requires landlords to serve tenants in a residential dwelling with a month-to-month tenancy a “90 day notice” if the landlord “jacks up the rent” by more than 10%....
Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 1:04AM
imageArt In Struggle For Women & Prisoners In Iran: The Mural, The Artists & Women
by Labor Video Project
An opening for an art mural about women and the prisoners of Iran was held on October 6, 2019 at Clarion Alley. The mural portrays the women who are fighting for human rights and worker rights in Iran...
Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 8:18AM
imageSF Embarcadero Rally As Nationwide Drive To Impeach Trump Begins
by Leon Kunstenaar (Photos and Text)
Nationwide movement to deflate Trump...
Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:33PM
imageKurds in San Francisco Protest Betrayal by the US
by Leon Kunstenaar (Photos and Text)
Trump forces our former ally into arms of our enemy, Syria’s Assad. Russia, Iran and ISIS to benefit....
Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 5:59PM
imageSF Rally To Stop Genocide & Massacres Of Kurdish People In Rojava
by Labor Video Project
A solidarity rally and march. with the Kurdish people of Rojava was held in San Francisco on October 13, 2019....
Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 10:08PM
image“On Strike, shut it down!” November 1968 - March 1969 On 50th Ann Of SF State Strike
by Labor Video Project
As part of the commemoration of the SF State strike, a conference was held on October 11, 2019. Panel three was titled "On Strike, Shut It Down" The strike between November 1968 - March 1969....
Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 11:12AM
imageDrew Glover and Chris Krohn Recall Petition Saturday 10-12-19
by AutumnSun
Do they have enough signatures? Garrett Philipp says they do!...
Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 4:09PM
imageCalifornia Bans Fur Sales Statewide, Following Paid-Protester Exposé
by DxE
Fur industry corruption, animal cruelty investigations and years of anti-fur protests culminating in legislative victories to ban fur...
Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:10PM