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textChico Shines a Light, But Activists Here Must Do the Heavy Lifting by Robert Norse
Down Chico way, a Senior Sacramento Judge of the Eastern Division of the Federal District Court has stopped encampment sweeps dead in their tracks city-wide with a TRO in the Commanche Creek Greenway case. This was justified not by the fading COVID-19 shelter-in-place concerns, but rather by lack of shelter or campground alternatives for those being rousted....
Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2021 7:57AM
imageOver 1600 gallons of oil spilled in Inglewood Oil Field; oil and gas scorecard released
by Dan Bacher
“Yesterday's oil spill is a deadly reminder that the environmental racism that’s shaped and harmed Black, Indigenous, and people of color continues to put our health at risk,” said Martha Dina Arguello, STAND-LA Coalition and Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles....
Posted: Wed Apr 7, 2021 6:45PM
documentModified Injunction is Bad News for the Unhoused; Prepare to Resist Now, or Regret Later
by Robert Norse
Judge Susan van Kuelen's March 30th modifications in the 1-20-21 Preliminary Injunction previously protecting the San Lorenzo Survival Campground was published April 1st. It allows a week or two relief, if that, before the unhoused population faces restored confinement or persecution....
Posted: Fri Apr 2, 2021 9:13PM
imageUnhoused of Santa Cruz Win Another Round in their Legal Struggle to Protect their Rights and Safety
by Keith McHenry
On March 30, 2021, Federal Magistrate Susan van Keulen ruled against the City of Santa Cruz motion to vacate the injunction and ordered city officials to meet with the unhoused, the Santa Cruz Homeless Union and Food Not Bombs about the details of a new managed camp on the Benchlands....
Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 10:38AM
textJudge "Relocates" San Lorenzo Survival Campers by Robert Norse
At a status hearing on March 30th, Federal Magistrate Susan Van Keulen bought the City Attorney's restrictive and repressive plan to relocate the San Lorenzo Park residents to the Benchlands, and move those currently in the Benchlands, first to San Lorenzo Park and nowhere....
Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 9:55AM
textOakland schools set to reopen amid surge in pandemic by Jonathan Burleigh (WSWS repost)
After a narrow ratification of the Oakland Education Association’s sellout agreement to resume in-person instruction, teachers are facing a dangerous end to the school year....
Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 11:57PM
imageBlowing The Whistle At Cal-OSHA! Newsom, Murder On The Job & Cal-OSHA's Destruction
by Labor Video Project
Charles Rachlis, a Cal-OSHA inspector blew the whistle on the massive failure of the agency which is supposed to protect the health and safety of workers in California. Governor Newsom ordered a hiring freeze in the middle of the pandemic and the agency has less than 200 inspectors for the 18 million workers of California. Rachlis spoke at a labor community rally on February 15, 2021....
Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 12:01PM
imageOakland City Council Voices Strong Support for Immediate Implementation of MACRO
by Coalition for Police Accountability
The Tuesday, March 16th Oakland City Council began with overwhelming support during public comment for Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland (MACRO), the alternative emergency response model that was developed to respond to a broad range of non-violent emergency calls without police. The votes to create a division within the fire department to house MACRO and to direct the city administrator to expeditiously implement the pilot was unanimous, as all city council members joined the...
Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:16PM
imageGroups Sue California's Kern County for Fast-Tracking Over 40,000 New Oil and Gas Wells
by Dan Bacher
it was clear from the meeting that the Kern County Board of Supervisors is beholden to the Western States Petroleum Association, the largest corporate lobbying group in California, the California Independent Petroleum Association, and the oil companies. The Board rubber-stamped the ordinance because of the many millions of dollars the oil industry has spent in lobbying and campaign donations in Kern County and throughout the state....
Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2021 10:27AM
imageHomeless in Novato: Should They Stay or Should They Go?
by Protest/Counter-Protest
Protesters and counter-protesters squared off about homelessness in Novato, CA on March 7....
Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2021 11:01AM
documentLatest Assault on the Unhoused Community
by Robert Norse
Of uncertain use is this critical itemizing of the City Council's latest work-around to eliminate homeless civil rights without running afoul of the Martin v. Boise decision requiring no criminalization of the homeless for survival camping where adequate resources do not exist. And the CDC's obvious "shelter-in-place" rules ignored by City Manager Martin Bernal....
Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2021 2:32PM
imageGreenfield City Council calls for posting of pesticide warnings
by Safe Ag Safe Schools
The Greenfield City Council on March 9th urged the Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner to post in advance online notices of future pesticide applications. In a unanimous 4-0 vote, the councilmembers passed a resolution “that the City of Greenfield is in support of the posting of Notices of Intent online by the Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner in advance of [restricted pesticide] applications."...
Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2021 10:46AM
imageWorkWeek On Coup & Coups and SF Treasure Island Criminal Cover-up
by WorkWeek
WorkWeek covers the criminal cover-up of the development of San Francisco Treasure Island by San Francisco top Democratic Party officials and also the US attempted coup at the Capitol and US organized coups throughout the world....
Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2021 9:29AM
calendarCelebrate 365 Days of the COVID-19 Relief Center
by Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs
Laurel and Front Streets, Santa Cruz...
Event Date: Sun Mar 14, 2021 12:00PM
Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2021 3:54PM
imageWylder Space Hosts "Freedom Fighters" Meeting, Owner Posts About Q and the "Plandemic"
by SC Storm
Shortly after Wylder Space opened a brick and mortar restaurant in Felton in July of 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, chef and owner Molly Bravo organized a "freedom fighters meeting" at their new location. Bravo then shared a string of political posts on social media, which included a QAnon post calling the Covid-19 pandemic a "plan-demic," and other posts supporting "Q" and the QAnon conspiracy theory. Wylder Space was also identified by a member of the anti-masker group "K...
Posted: Mon Mar 8, 2021 5:06PM
imageNo Justic, No Peace! Free Malik! Rally At SF Geo Group BOP Site To Free Washington
by Labor Video Project
A solidarity rally was held to defend SF Bay View Editor Malik Washington and all prisoners in the Geo Group BOP Geo Group halfway house in San Francisco. Speakers talked about the retaliation against Washington for exposing the covid outbreak at the facility and the role of profiteering in the prison industry. They also protested the role of politicians who have allowed the for profit Geo Group to operate in California and nationally....
Posted: Mon Mar 8, 2021 1:30PM
documentReturn of the Sleeping Ban and a Letter to Mayor Meyers
by Robert Norse
On February 23, City Council ignored dozens of speakers, silenced another two dozen, and passed the TOLO (Temporary Living Outside Ordinance) well after midnight. I filed a Brown Act complaint, noting the failure to provide adequate Agenda notice, requiring them to redo the item. I'm not holding my breath....
Posted: Fri Mar 5, 2021 5:16PM
calendarCommunity Film Screening - People's Park Day of Civic Love
by Liberated Lens, People's Park Committee
People's Park in Berkeley...
Event Date: Fri Mar 5, 2021 3:00PM
Posted: Wed Mar 3, 2021 11:19AM
imageSF Treasure Island Radioactive Dump Site Cover-up, Residents & Workers With Attorney Goff
by Labor Video Project
There are now plans to build 8,000 high priced condos on contaminated Treasure Island. Thousands of residents many of them Black and poor have been contaminated and sickened by serious radioactive contamination. Civil rights attorney Stanley Goff talks about the issue of his lawsuit representing residents who have been harmed from the contamination. He also talks about the cover-up of the serious health and safety problems....
Posted: Tue Mar 2, 2021 7:21PM
imageQuick Guide to the Anti-Maskers in Santa Cruz
by Unmasking the Anti-Maskers
The anti-mask protesters in Santa Cruz have been widely criticized for using tactics that have more in common with terrorism than political speech. After storming Trader Joe's as a mask-less group on February 13, the anti-maskers returned to Trader Joe's for a second protest on February 28. They call themselves the Santa Cruz Voluntaryists. Their defacto leader is a San Jose resident named David Rodriguez, who has been organizing "voluntaryist barbecues" with anti-vaccination protesters in Sa...
Posted: Mon Mar 1, 2021 1:54PM