audio Anarchy on the Shop Floor: Anarchists in Contemporary Labor Struggles (audio/mpeg 59.3mb) by FireWorks
Militants talk about organizing happening at various workplaces around the Bay Area and beyond. Recorded at the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, 2015....
Posted: Sun May 10, 2015 12:22AM
audio Dan Bacher Speaks Out About Water (audio/mpeg 15.1mb) by Mike Rhodes
Pam Whalen interviewed Dan Bacher on the Street Heat radio show heard on KFCF 88.1 FM Friday, April 24. The 16:31 minute audio starts out with a brief clip of Mark Arax speaking at a water conference earlier that day and then Dan’s comments about and solutions to the water crisis in California....
Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2015 8:39AM
audio Eddie Valencia From Quitapenas Band Interview of Event@ ELbowroom FEb12 Settingthestandard (audio/x-wav 82.0mb) by paz
Eddie Valencia From Quitapenas Band Interview of Event@ ELbowroom FEb12 Settingthestandard
Posted: Wed Feb 4, 2015 1:06AM
audio (Attachment On: The Paris Attacks, Racism and Islamophobia) (audio/x-wav 140.7mb) by Tara Dorabji
Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 2:38PM
audio (Attachment On: Marshall Islands Republic Brings Nuclear Weapons Nations to Court) (audio/x-wav 210.0mb) by Tara Dorabji
Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:35PM
audio Daisy From ACLU interview about new license law in CA on SettingtheStandard (audio/x-wav 230.1mb) by paz
Daisy From ACLU interview about new license law in CA on SettingtheStandard...
Posted: Wed Jan 7, 2015 3:18AM
audio (Attachment On: Al Rojas interview on Setting the Standard) (audio/x-wav 236.2mb) by paz
Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:02PM
audio House Keys not Handcuffs - an interview with Paul Boden (audio/mpeg 45.8mb) by Mike Rhodes
This interview with Paul Boden was broadcast on KFCF 88.1 FM. Boden is the executive director of the Western Regional Advocacy Project. The interview is about the origins of modern homelessness, the criminalization of poverty, and building a movement to end homelessness. The audio is 50 minutes long (edited to comply with FCC regulations)....
Posted: Sat Nov 29, 2014 4:29PM
audio Alameda Greens call for boycott of statewide elections excluding third parties (audio/mpeg 928.1kb) by KPFA Weekend News, 11.02.2014
Proposition 14, passed by 54 percent of California voters in 2010, amended the State Constitution in a way that effectively excluded third parties from statewide general elections. Only the top two vote getters in statewide primaries now advance to the general election. Alameda Greens County Councilor Greg Jan told KPFA that proportional representation, in which any party that wins, for example, 10 percent of the vote, elects 10 percent of state legislators would be a more democratic and dy...
Posted: Sun Nov 2, 2014 7:43AM
audio From Ferguson To Andy Lopez And Alex Nieto In California (Attachment On: WW 10-11-14 From Ferguson To Andy Lopez And Alex Nieto In California) (audio/x-wav 100.7mb) by WorkWeek Radio KPFA
WorkWeek Special Program On October 11, 2014 From Ferguson To The Bay Area. This segment is on the connection between Ferguson and the murders of Alex Nieto and...
Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 5:49PM
audio 9-9-14 Mouse Report Tuesday noon at 104.1 fm (audio/mpeg 50.1mb) by DJ Mouse
In today's Endless Bad News Horror Story we hear me shoot my mouth off during arrest on 8-18-14 for sitting in the road during the Zim boat blockade...but not before we take the Wayback Machine to the scene of the crime...the media on 9-11-01 creating the fiction fueling the evil of our oil wars...also reading from Left Denial on 9-11 and 'The unpublicized impact of a successful BDS action'...
Posted: Tue Sep 9, 2014 3:50PM
audio (Attachment On: 9-9-14 Mouse Report Tuesday noon at 104.1 fm (audio/mpeg 12.7mb) by DJ Mouse
featuring DJ Mouse interview of David Ray Griffin and reading 'UBS Scandal, 9-11 and Obama's Bloody hands'...
Posted: Tue Sep 9, 2014 3:50PM
audio 2014 International Women's Day on KPFA features Asian American Sex Worker Rights Activists (audio/x-wav 138.3mb) by Maxine Doogan
International Women's Day includes many diverse voices featured on KPFA's special day of programming. This year's audio features Asian American Sex Worker rights activists Kate Zen's interview of Mariko Passion about her past, present and future experiences in the sex industry. This interview highlights her evolution as a sacred intimate which serves to reminds us all of the struggles and contradictions that characterize our lives as women....
Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:33PM
audio Richmond environmentalists request support for challenge to Chevron refinery expansion (audio/mpeg 1.8mb) by KPFA Weekend News/Andrés Soto/Ann Garrison
Richmond environmentalists ask supporters from all over the Bay Area to attend the Richmond City Council meeting at 403 Civic Center Street, several blocks east of the Richmond BART station on Tuesday, July 22nd. The meeting starts at 6:30 pm, but Andrés Soto of Communities for a Better Environment is urging people to arrive by 5:30 to get good seats and fill out speaker cards. Chevron's Richmond Refinery produces more greenhouse gases than any other corporation in California....
Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:56AM
audio Nim One interview on Settingthestandard Album release on July 29 (audio/x-wav 85.5mb) by paz
Nim One interview on Settingthestandard Album release on July 29...
Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 2:44AM
audio Benicians win first victory in opposition to crude-by-rail 'bomb trains' (audio/mpeg 1.7mb) by KPFA Weekend News/Andrés Soto/Ann Garrison
On Thursday, 07.10.2014, citizens of Benicia and neighboring communities commemorated the 47 lives lost in the Lac Mégantic crude-by-rail explosion last year. Then they went into the Benicia Planning Commission meeting, where they won a 45-day extension of the public comment period on the Draft Environmental Impact Report regarding Valero's plan for transporting tar sands and shale oil to its Benicia Refinery on trains. Activists opposing the shipments began calling them "bomb trains" after e...
Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 3:21PM
audio Yaotl from Aztlan Underground interview on Settingthestandard (audio/x-wav 109.6mb) by paz
Yaotl from Aztlan Underground interview on Settingthestandard...
Posted: Mon Jul 7, 2014 2:09AM
audio Interview with Bradley Allen on KDVS in Davis (audio/mpeg 10.2mb) by Bradley Allen
Richard Estes of Speaking in Tongues on college radio station KDVS, 90.3FM in Davis, California speaks with Bradley Allen of Indybay on June 20, 2014. Richard and Bradley discuss Indymedia in Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area, homelessness in Santa Cruz and the Central Valley, the grassroots response to Hurricane Katrina, the Santa Cruz Eleven, as well as community organizing against the police in Salinas and Oxnard....
Posted: Sat Jul 5, 2014 6:01PM