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calendarToward Racial Justice and a Third Reconstruction
by Ellen Schwartz
Sierra 2 Center, Room 10, 2791 24th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818...
Event Date: Sat Mar 23, 2019 4:00PM
Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:56PM
imageJustice for Stephon Clark: Protests Erupt as DA Fails to Charge Cops Who Killed Unarmed Black Father
by Democracy Now!
Protests in Sacramento continue more than a week after the county’s district attorney announced the two police officers who shot and killed 22-year-old, unarmed African American Stephon Clark in his grandmother’s backyard last year will not face criminal charges. Since the news broke, organizers have joined walkouts at local colleges and high schools, demonstrations at the City Council, an ongoing occupation of a Sacramento police station, a die-in at UC Davis and a protest in one of the city...
Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:58PM
imageNewsom promotes voluntary agreements that imperil salmon, Delta
by Dan Bacher
Governor Gavin Newson, who received $637,398 from agribusiness interests in his campaign for Governor, including $116,800 from the Wonderful Company owners Lynda and Stewart Resnick, praised the voluntary agreements that would yield less flows for San Joaquin River and Delta salmon, steelhead and other fish species....
Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:24AM
imageDocuments Reveal ICE Using Driver Location Data From Local Police for Deportations
Local governments like Merced and Union City, California, are feeding their residents’ personal information to ICE, even when it violates local privacy laws or sanctuary policies. California Senate Bill 34 and the California Values Act (SB 54) are supposed to prohibit local law enforcement agencies from sharing license plate information and personal information for immigration enforcement or with out-of-state or federal agencies....
Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:15PM
imageCitizen Scientists Can Help Support Imperiled Western Monarchs
by The Xerces Society
This winter, the western monarch butterfly population has dipped to an all-time low, and the iconic western monarch migration is on the verge of collapse. The annual Xerces Society Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count tallied only 28,429 butterflies—an 86% drop from the previous count done at the same sites during Thanksgiving 2017, and a dizzying 99.4% decline from the numbers present in the 1980s. It can be hard to wrap one’s mind around the scope of this decline. Another way of viewing it is...
Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:26PM
videoStand Up for Stephon Clark After DA Decision and Mass Arrest (video/mp4 23.0MB) by Cat Brooks
On March 2, Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Schubert announced that she will not pursue criminal charges against the murderers of Stephon Clark, Sacramento police officers Jared Robinet and Terrence Mercadal. Outraged by the decision, the community protested. On the night of March 4, Sacramento police mass arrested 84 people, including clergy and journalists. Cat Brooks recorded this message of solidarity on March 5: "I'm sending all my love to Sacramento, all my comrades out ther...
Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 1:10PM
imageGovernor Appoints San Joaquin Valley Grower to New 'Agriculture Liaison' Position
by Dan Bacher
”This gives special access for some of the largest water brokers and privately held agribusiness corporations in California,” said Deirdre Des Jardins of the independent policy group California Water Research. “They are seeking to push junk science that has been previously rejected by the state water board, outside of the water board’s adjudicatory and regulatory processes.” ...
Posted: Fri Mar 1, 2019 4:56PM
imageAppeals Court Rejects Big Oil's Lawsuit Against Youth Groups, LA
by Dan Bacher
“For decades the oil industry has put our health and safety in jeopardy,” said Nalleli Cobo, an activist with the South Central Youth Leadership Coalition. “Now we the youth are fighting back, and we’re winning. It’s time for justice and it’s time to put people’s health over profit.”...
Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 1:00AM
imageFormer Westlands lawyer David Bernhardt working to strip Delta Smelt protections
by Dan Bacher
The exposure of David Bernhardt’s enormous conflict of interest takes place at a critical time for Delta smelt, salmon and other San Francisco Bay Delta fish populations. For the first time ever, a fish survey that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) conducts every autumn turned up zero Delta smelt throughout the monitoring sites in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta in September, October, November and December 2018....
Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:03PM
imageGovernor Newsom calls for end to twin tunnels, but supports one delta tunnel
by Dan Bacher
“We are grateful to Governor Newsom for listening to the people of the Delta, and California, and putting an end to the boondoggle WaterFix, twin tunnels project," said Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Executive Director of Restore the Delta. “We look forward to working with his administration and the State Water Resources Control Board to create and enforce policies that will restore Delta water quality and quantity, lessen water dependence on the Delta, and promote clean drinking programs and reg...
Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:52PM
imageSalmon fishermen urge Newsom to say NO to Trump administration water grab
by Dan Bacher
“The Trump administration won’t be able to get away with killing off our salmon runs if the state refuses to cooperate,” said GGSA director Noah Oppenheim, who is also executive director of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (GGSA), a group representing commercial fishermen on the West Coast. “We call on the Newsom administration to just say no to this attack on California’s salmon fishing families.”...
Posted: Thu Feb 7, 2019 2:46PM
calendarBlack History Month Business Mixer ~ Old Sacramento Waterfront
by Michael Harris
LiBush International Connections 112 K Street Old Sacramento, CA 95814...
Event Date: Wed Feb 20, 2019 5:00PM
Posted: Thu Feb 7, 2019 12:38PM
imageDiscover Systemic Institutional Racism Seeking to Destroy the Legacy of Negro Bar, CA
by Khubaka, Michael Harris
Together, we can begin to quantify and qualify systemic institutional racism, ongoing disenfranchisement unique to "previous condition of servitude" and unacknowledged second class citizenship mandated by the 1849 California Constitutional Convention....
Posted: Wed Feb 6, 2019 12:04AM
imagePG&E Topples Western States Petroleum Association in California Lobbying Spending in 2018
by Dan Bacher
Two days before the filing of lobbying expenses by PG&E, Consumer Watchdog called for the ouster of the California Public Utilities Commission over its decision to extend a $6 billion credit line to Pacific Gas & Electric in what the group called “an unneeded emergency process that allowed no time for scrutiny.”...
Posted: Tue Feb 5, 2019 10:03PM
imageState Senator Bill Dodd Introduces California WaterFix Oversight Bill
by Dan Bacher
Senator Bill Dodd introduced the bill at a critical time for the future of the Delta and West Coast fisheries. Following the news that the Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority had selected the Jacobs company to be the engineering design manager for the Delta Tunnels, the DCA last week awarded Fugro a contract for a major geotechnical investigation to support the California WaterFix project....
Posted: Sat Feb 2, 2019 10:27AM
imageFishermen and Winnemem Wintu file lawsuit to protect San Joaquin River salmon
by Dan Bacher
Noah Oppenheim, Executive Director of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Association called Friday’s lawsuit, “a long overdue wake-up call that the State Water Board must now do its job to prevent the imminent extinction of this irreplaceable fishery. For decades this regulatory process has been captured by water agencies with no compunctions about hastening the end of salmon fisheries. Today salmon fishermen and fishing communities are raising their voice.”   “Unless the Board is...
Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:58PM
imageOil industry, environmental leaders mark 50th anniversary of Santa Barbara Oil Spill
by Dan Bacher
“The 50th anniversary of the Santa Barbara oil spill is a grim reminder of how far we have to go in stopping not only offshore drilling, but onshore oil and gas expansion as well,” said Tomás Morales Rebecchi, senior Central Coast organizer with Food & Water Watch. “If Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to lead opposition to the Trump administration’s plans to expand dangerous offshore drilling, he should start by ending drilling in California state waters and onshore throughout the state."...
Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 4:04PM
imageJacobs Selected as Engineering Design Manager for California WaterFix/Delta Tunnels
by Dan Bacher
Instead of “improving environmental conditions in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta” as Jacobs claims the Delta Tunnels will do, the California Water Fix will remove more water from the Sacramento River before it flows through the Delta Estuary in order to facilitate water exports to corporate agribusiness and Southern California water agencies, making the already perilous state of Delta smelt, winter and spring-run Chinook salmon and other fish species even worse....
Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 12:26PM
calendarSacTown VegFest 2019
by Sacramento Vegetarian Society
McClellan Conference Center 5411 Luce Ave. McClellan Park, CA 95652...
Event Date: Sat Jan 26, 2019 10:00AM
Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 7:19PM
calendar2019 State Capitol Black History Month Kick-Off Celebration
by Michael Harris
California State Capitol ~ Room 126 10th and Lst Sacramento, California...
Event Date: Fri Feb 1, 2019 1:00PM
Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 10:26AM