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imageThe Pajaro Levee Break, Immigrants, Labor & Climate Crisis With PVFT1936's Pamela Sexton
by Labor Video Project
PVFT Local 1936 Delegate Pamela Beth Sexton adult education teacher talks about the effect of the broken levee on the immigrant farmworker community, systemic racism and the role these farmworkers play in our economy....
Posted: Mon, Mar 20, 2023 7:56pm PDT
calendarSolutions are Already Here: Hope for Ecological Renewal. A workshop with Gregory Stevens
by UUSF Morning Forum
Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco In Person: 1187 Franklin St. @ Geary / TSK Room On Zoom:
Event Date: Sun, Mar 26, 2023 9:30am PDT
Posted: Mon, Mar 20, 2023 3:40pm PDT
calendarTasty Foods for a Thriving Planet
by KQED Live
KQED Headquarters 2601 Mariposa Street San Francisco, CA 94110...
Event Date: Tue, Apr 4, 2023 7:00pm PDT
Posted: Mon, Mar 20, 2023 10:07am PDT
imageNo Place for Whales: The U.S. Military's Legacy in Indian Country: Reckless Toxic Dumping
by Brenda Norrell
From the mustard gas pit on Walker River Paiute lands, to the napalm burn site on Fallon Paiute Shoshone lands, to the undetonated bombs in the Lakota Badlands, to the experimental explosives at Fort Wingate in New Mexico and secret radioactive waste dump near the Tohono O'odham Nation capital of Sells, Arizona, to the widespread illegal hazardous waste dumping, and leaking of toxic waste, in many of the Alaskan and Hawaiian islands -- there is enough documented cancer-causing waste to fill a...
Posted: Mon, Mar 20, 2023 9:24am PDT
calendarPollution in Bayview-Hunters Point, its impact on residents, & what we can do about it
by Art Persyko
Zoom:; Meeting ID: 864 6575 2525; Passcode: 465295; by phone: 1 669 900 9128...
Event Date: Tue, Mar 21, 2023 1:00pm PDT
Posted: Sun, Mar 19, 2023 1:45pm PDT
imageSolidarity With East Palestine/Hunters Point & Nationalize The Railroads: Action in SF
by Labor Video Project
A rally was held at the San Francisco Federal Building on March 13, 2023 to connect the toxic rail wreck disaster in East Palestine with the Hunters Point-Treasure Island toxic clean-up scandal. Over $1 billion was spent by the US government to pay for a clean-up of the radioactive dump site and Tetra Tech managers were charged and convicted with fraud in the clean-up. The company also retaliated against health and safety whistleblowers with terminations. It is presently being sued by the DOJ...
Posted: Fri, Mar 17, 2023 7:50pm PDT
calendarAlternative Transportation: Freight-Hopping + Biking (+ Green Burials) by Craig Baldwin
ATA Gallery is located on the corner of Valencia and 21st streets in San Francisco's Mission district ... 992 Valencia St....
Event Date: Sat, Apr 1, 2023 8:00pm PDT
Posted: Fri, Mar 17, 2023 2:29pm PDT
documentLawsuit Launched Over U.S. Delay on Petition to Phase Out Oil Drilling on Public Lands
by Center for Biological Diversity
WASHINGTON, March 16, 2023 — Conservation groups today filed a notice of their intent to sue the U.S. Interior Department for failing to respond to a petition to phase out oil and gas extraction on public lands....
Posted: Thu, Mar 16, 2023 9:33pm PDT
image12th Annual Pan African Global Trade and Investment Conference returns to Atlanta, Georgia
by Khubaka, Michael Harris
Everyone is welcome to join us in Atlanta, Georgia August 10-14, 2023 in Downtown Atlanta Olympic Village, Morris Brown College and key Agriculture locations....
Posted: Thu, Mar 16, 2023 9:29pm PDT
imageCourt: U.S. Failure to Protect Pacific Humpbacks From Deadly Entanglements Was Unlawful
by Center for Biological Diversity
SAN FRANCISCO, March 15, 2023 — A federal court ruled in favor of the Center for Biological Diversity yesterday in a lawsuit arguing that the National Marine Fisheries Service failed to protect endangered Pacific humpback whales from deadly entanglements in sablefish pot gear off California, Oregon and Washington....
Posted: Thu, Mar 16, 2023 9:29pm PDT
imageLithium Americas and Biden Violating Sacred: Digging into Paiute Massacre Site for Lithium
by Brenda Norrell
Breaking News: "I cried seeing this yesterday," said Dorece Sam, Fort McDermitt Paiute, seeing the destruction of the earth on the Paiute Massacre Site at Thacker Pass for a lithium mine, in northern Nevada. "To see this shattered my heart," Sam said of the violation of the sacred. "There are no cultural monitors."...
Posted: Thu, Mar 16, 2023 12:27pm PDT
imageColombia_Río Sogamoso de Santander: ¡Aguas para la vida…!
by reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras
Colombia_Río Sogamoso de Santander: ¡Aguas para la vida…!...
Posted: Thu, Mar 16, 2023 10:04am PDT
calendarStop Dirty Banking at Wells Fargo HQ in San Francisco by Third Act SF Bay Area
Wells Fargo Corporate Headquarters 420 Montgomery St San Francisco, CA 94104...
Event Date: Tue, Mar 21, 2023 3:30pm PDT
Posted: Wed, Mar 15, 2023 6:46pm PDT
calendarEV Financial Incentives Clinic by City of Sunnyvale
Online Webinar...
Event Date: Wed, Apr 5, 2023 7:00pm PDT
Posted: Wed, Mar 15, 2023 9:39am PDT
textPassing of a park maker by STP Jesse
Yesterday one of the main architects of Berkeley in the 60s and 70s passed. He embodied the times and his passing will be felt....
Posted: Tue, Mar 14, 2023 8:49pm PDT
calendarFrom the Bay Area to Atlanta: Stop Cop City
by Raye / XRSFBay
Meets at GI Partners / 4 Embarcadero Ctr, SF...
Event Date: Wed, Mar 15, 2023 4:00pm PDT
Posted: Tue, Mar 14, 2023 7:58pm PDT
imageEast Meadow Update 3/12/23
by East Meadow Action Committee (EMAC)
There is a major new development in the long and tangled story of Student Housing West with its reckless proposal to develop the East Meadow. The University has just asked the UC Regents for approval of a new approach to building and financing the project. SHW would now no longer be a public-private partnership and would be funded with bonds issued by the University. Most distressing, the East Meadow would be placed on a fast track, constructed and financed independently of the rest. If the R...
Posted: Tue, Mar 14, 2023 6:27pm PDT
calendarEarth Day San Francisco
by Douglas Kolberg
San Francisco County Fair Bldg. 1199 9th Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94122...
Event Date: Sat, Apr 22, 2023 11:00am PDT
Posted: Tue, Mar 14, 2023 12:30pm PDT
imageState Water Board Reverses Emergency Order As Feds Cancel Salmon Season Openers
by Dan Bacher
Fish advocates note that because of the poor management of Sacramento and Klamath rivers by the state and federal governments during the recent drought, fall-run Chinook, spring-run Chinook and Sacramento River winter-run Chinook populations have collapsed, prompting the closure of ocean and river salmon fisheries this year....
Posted: Tue, Mar 14, 2023 9:41am PDT
imageNearly 200 oil drilling permits approved in CA since Jan. 1, bringing total to over 13,900
by Dan Bacher
"CalGEM issuing hundreds of permits to negligent oil companies so they can continue drilling in our communities just months after they released an emergency rule to block neighborhood drilling is exactly why we don't trust them,” said Cesar Aguirre, organizer with Central California Environmental Justice Network. “This is exactly the free-for-all that California's oil industry wanted when they bought their way onto the ballot and forced the stay of SB 1137."...
Posted: Tue, Mar 14, 2023 9:18am PDT
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