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image President Obama Asked to Stop U.S. Military Project That Threatens Endangered Dugong 480_dugong_flickr_matthijs_1.jpg original image (570x330) by Center for Biological Diversity
OKINAWA, Japan, May 26, 2016 — During President Obama’s visit to Japan for the G-7 summit, the Center for Biological Diversity called on him to abandon his controversial plan to build a large new military base in biologically rich and sensitive Henoko and Oura Bay. The bay is home to the dugong — a marine mammal related to manatees that is an ancient cultural icon in Okinawa — and other endangered species. That project is strongly opposed by residents of the island, which has had a hu...
Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 7:29PM
image US policy in Honduras must change 480_800-berta_1.jpg original image (800x400) by IndyRadio
Since 1982 a single landowner and sweatshop entrepreneur has benefited from US interventions in Honduras.While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton ignored pleas from Congress to cut off support to Miguel Facusse', who was remembered as a "colorful character" by the LA Times when he passed away last year at the age of 90. Today, I provide background for a new report from International Affairs Review: "¡Basta Ya! The United States is Overdue for a New Policy Approach in Honduras" by Laura Blume
Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 1:59PM
text House Passes Most Environmentally Destructive Defense Authorization Act in History by Center for Biological Diversity
WASHINGTON, May 18, 2016 — In a partisan vote today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, which, if enacted into law, would gut protections for several endangered species, including the American burying beetle and lesser prairie chicken, and remove the Clean Water Act’s ability to control destructive invasive species. The must-pass legislation now moves to the Senate for further consideration.
Posted: Thu May 19, 2016 5:20PM
text Class War 03/2016: IRAQ 1991 – Class war and bourgeois containment by CLASS WAR
It was a quarter of a century ago, on March 7th, 1991, when the proletarian uprising in Iraq against war showed to the world proletariat the only way forward to eliminate wars forever. As always, on the other side of the social barricade, all the global forces of Capital acted as one body to liquidate the autonomy of our class.
Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 8:49AM
audio Vote Your Hopes, Not Your Fears: Building the Green Party (audio/mpeg 3.4MB) by Ann Garrison
Socialist Alternative, led by Seattle City Councilor Kshama Sawant, and others have called for Bernie Sanders to found an independent left party for the 99 percent and run as an independent, or to appeal to Jill Stein and the Green Party to join their ticket, despite Sanders's oft repeated promise to endorse the Democrats’ nominee. With little time left to get a new party on the ballot in most states, I looked into Green Party ballot access in the 50 states and spoke to Bruce Dixon, Georgia...
Posted: Thu May 5, 2016 12:57PM
text $40 Billion in Military Aid to Israel by Ted Rudow III, MA
Obama Administration Proposes Up to $40 Billion in Military Aid to Israel The Obama administration has proposed an unprecedented military funding package to Israel that could top $40 billion over 10 years. It is the largest military funding package the U.S. has ever offered to any nation. Israeli officials are reportedly demanding even more funding. The U.S. currently gives Israel $3 billion a year in military funding under a deal slated to expire in 2018.
Posted: Mon May 2, 2016 2:43PM
image Protest at PEN Festival, PEN International Expresses Concern over Israeli Government Funds 480_pen-4252016-16_1.jpg original image (1220x824) by Adalah-NY
The opening of PEN American Center’s annual World Voices Festival in New York City was met with a protest Monday evening focusing on the call for PEN American Center to reject Israeli government funding for the festival due to Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights and freedom of expression. Also on Monday, PEN International expressed “concern” over the festival’s Israeli government funding, saying it would develop guidelines “regarding funding from countries with a poor ...
Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 8:28AM
image Rights advocates meet PEN Director to discuss call to drop Israeli government funding 480_pen_alice_walker_1_1_1_1_1.jpg original image (600x335) by Adalah-NY
A delegation from Adalah-NY, O/R Books and Verso Books held an impromptu meeting with PEN American Center Executive Director Suzanne Nossel on Tuesday regarding the call for PEN to reject Israeli government sponsorship of the World Voices Festival due to the Israeli government’s human rights abuses and suppression of Palestinians’ freedom of expression.
Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 10:35AM
text 22 Writers Explain Why PEN American Center Should Reject Israeli Government Sponsorship by Adalah-NY
Twenty-two literary figures who signed a letter calling on the PEN American Center to reject Israeli government sponsorship of its World Voices Festival due to Israel’s human rights abuses have elaborated on their decision in quotes below. The Festival is being held in New York City from April 25-May 1.
Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:10AM
image 26 Arrested at Drone War Base in Nevada 120_sdcgate2z.jpg original image (1280x1280) by Marcus Pegasus
During the second annual SHUT DOWN CREECH event where David Rovics performed for folks at Camp Justice on US Highway 95, a week of vigils and education led to 26 people getting arrested while trying to enforce a shut-down of the drone war base known as Creech at Indian Springs, Nevada. Anyone interested in more information can call Robert Majors of NevadaDesertExperience.org at 702-646-4814
Posted: Sat Apr 2, 2016 11:41PM
image OSU Divest Responds to Efforts by Members of Congress to Intervene in Campus Divestment 120_osudivest.jpeg original image (638x638) by #OSUDivest
Students at Ohio State University respond to efforts by members of Congress to intervene in campus divestment proceedings. #OSUDivest writes, "Although you profess an interest in promoting 'lasting peace in the Middle East,' your letter’s inaccurate and misleading characterizations of the nonviolent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement suggest quite the opposite. Such a peace can only be achieved when tomorrow’s leaders are free to debate and discuss the merits of proposals...
Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:16AM
audio Hillary Clinton and Justin Trudeau united behind Israel, against BDS (audio/mpeg 1.8MB) by KPFA Weekend News, Ann Garrison
There is now a full-fledged national movement to counter the BDS movement, with AIPAC-supported bills moving forward not only in Congress but also in two dozen state legislatures. These bills mimic legislation passed by the Israeli Knesset in 2014 and a resolution passed by Canada’s House of Commons, by a vote of 229 to 51, on Feb. 22 this year.
Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:01PM
text 60 Years of Resistance to the German Army by Wolfgang Gehrcke
Today more and more people say Without Us! The German army is filled with so much contradiction that we can be very hopeful we will become a country without an army. We should debate this today. Always only saying yes accomplishes nothing. Go Bernie Go!
Posted: Wed Mar 9, 2016 12:23PM
text Trump Fires Campaign Adviser Over Hair Remark by Sabrina Arendt
Republican Presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump has fired the leader of a business attorney firm advising him on election campaign architecture, the office of the controversial billionaire announced. The statement said Romea Hugo, 44, the military widow who had started an outsider career after the childless abortion of her marriage with a fallen parachutist, was retroactively disengaged due to a breach of confidence handling business plans. The statement cited Trump with the sound-bite “If ...
Posted: Thu Feb 4, 2016 11:34AM
text When Presidents Commit War Crimes, Justice Is The Final Victim by Gil Villagran
Could there be a lesson for President George W. Bush in the expected prosecution of Mexican President Luis Echeverria, charged with genocide 38 years after his crimes against humanity? Let us hope that old age will not spare President Bush and Vice-president Cheney, years from now, from the consequences of their crimes against humanity: secret prisons without charges or trials, torturous interrogations, invasion of a country based upon manipulated intelligence, hundreds of thousands of Iraq...
Posted: Wed Feb 3, 2016 3:48PM
text Nuclear Shutdown News January 2016 by Michael Steinberg
Nuclear Shutdown News chronicles the decline and fall of the US nuclear power industry, and beyond, and highlights the efforts of those who are working to create a nuclear free future.
Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 4:41PM
text The Military-Industrial Complex is the Greatest Threat for World Peace by Mohssen Massarat
Fighting the dominant culture of war that is promoted by all the media justifications of war and war propaganda is vital. This culture must be decoded as misanthropic and shattered. Building a culture of peace is the project of the century. the idea of cooperation has a great attraction and appeal that encourage us to continue.
Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 6:11AM
audio Wtul News and Views interviews Nyx from Total War Puppets (audio/mpeg 13.0MB) by wtulnews
"DIY art is like an open pit mine for mainstream culture. " Wtul News and Views interviews Nyx from Total War Puppets Nyx from Total War Puppets dropped by to talk about the end of tour blowout--four shows at the Mudlark, starring Pharoah, the founders of Paypal, and a long-dead '96 Toyota Tercel. Saturday night saw a full house at the Mudlark. There remain two shows Tuesday and Wednesday. The show takes on cybernetics, free-market capitalism and occultism.
Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:54PM
text Obama's Tears by JOHN CHUCKMAN
And that is America. Fine-tuning and tears are about as fitting for the state of America as they would be on the Russian Front in World War II, the most horrendous conflict in all of human history in which 27 million Soviets and millions of Germans perished.
Posted: Thu Jan 7, 2016 1:03PM
text Iraq risks losing generation due to lack of schools, healthcare by Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
More than 2 million children in Iraq are out of school, up to 3 million more have had their education disrupted by the war, and nearly one in five schools have been damaged, destroyed or used for other purposes, the U.N. children's fund UNICEF says.
Posted: Sun Jan 3, 2016 3:28AM