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imageNo Place for Whales: The U.S. Military's Legacy in Indian Country: Reckless Toxic Dumping
by Brenda Norrell
From the mustard gas pit on Walker River Paiute lands, to the napalm burn site on Fallon Paiute Shoshone lands, to the undetonated bombs in the Lakota Badlands, to the experimental explosives at Fort Wingate in New Mexico and secret radioactive waste dump near the Tohono O'odham Nation capital of Sells, Arizona, to the widespread illegal hazardous waste dumping, and leaking of toxic waste, in many of the Alaskan and Hawaiian islands -- there is enough documented cancer-causing waste to fill a...
Posted: Mon, Mar 20, 2023 9:24am PDT
imageHow Denmark is Financing the Israeli Occupation
by Tyler Torrez
The Danes are turning their backs on human rights. In 2015, they refused to buy Elbit System's Israeli guns, because the manufacturer continues to supply almost all of the IDF's equipment, which is used against the Palestinians, military or not, with the resultant widely reported collateral damage. Now, the government is negotiating the purchase of the ATMOS howitzer without a second thought, and seems to have the approval of the very people who were opposed to it in 2015!...
Posted: Wed, Mar 15, 2023 8:25am PDT
textThe Urbanity of Evil: 20 Years After the Invasion of Iraq by Norman Solomon
"I never killed anybody, by the acts of my own hand"...
Posted: Mon, Mar 13, 2023 9:52pm PDT
textThe sacred cow and The propaganda machine by Rainer Sonnberg & Byorn Blach
These campaigns by politics and the media, which prescribe an extremely narrow framework of what can be said, narrow freedom of expression to the Western narrative. Other opinions are not just open to being shot down. Those who dare to express them are grabbed by their livelihoods....
Posted: Mon, Mar 13, 2023 10:26am PDT
textUN Charter: Negotiations!, Good wars, bad wars? & Proxies by M von der Schulenberg and Sabine Schiffer
The seriousness of the escalating conflict over NATO's expansion to Russia's borders, which has now led to war, has been clear to all involved since at least 1994. Russia has repeatedly warned that admitting Ukraine and Georgia to NATO would violate its elementary security interests and cross a red line....
Posted: Tue, Mar 7, 2023 10:37am PST
textPutin’s war has caused oil industry price gouging, EOPA officials call for it to stop by Ramon du Houx
Elected officials say to protect the world we need to accelerate the transition off of fossil fuels to end our dangerous dependency. They want to end the price gouging on gas caused by the oil industry using the war in Ukriane as an excues to raise prices...
Posted: Fri, Feb 24, 2023 5:41pm PST
imageThe “Rage Against the War Machine” rally: A reactionary political freak show
by Jacob Crosse, Joseph Kishore, WSWS
The “Rage Against the War Machine” rally held on February 19 in Washington, D.C., was a political freak show attended by a motley crowd of several hundred Libertarian Party supporters, neo-fascists, and disoriented and demoralized middle-class individuals without an independent program or perspective. The speeches, many of which were obscenity-laced rants, were pitched to the lowest political level. By the time the event finally dribbled to an end, it had left nothing behind but confusion and...
Posted: Wed, Feb 22, 2023 9:14pm PST
textWar in Ukraine and ICBMs by Norman Solomon
The Untold Story of How They Could Blow Up the World...
Posted: Tue, Feb 21, 2023 2:20am PST
textNo nuclear war in Europe! and Glorification of violence by Oskar Lafontaine & Christian Zehenter
The well-read do not believe in Russia's sole guilt anyway. They remember the promise made to Gorbachev not to expand NATO eastward. They know that the U.S. organized and financed a coup on the Maidan in 2014 to install a puppet government that would push for Ukraine's eventual admission into NATO....
Posted: Sat, Feb 18, 2023 10:10am PST
textWhy The Rage Against The War Machine Rally Is #AntiWarSoWhite by repost
I’m looking at this Rage Against The War Machine rally that is being organized by the Libertarian Party and I am genuinely confused about how folks on the left are involved in this at all....
Posted: Sun, Feb 12, 2023 9:51am PST
textWhy War? by Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud and W Borchert
The way to international security leads over the unconditional renunciation of the states of a part of their freedom of action or sovereignty, and it should be undoubted that there is no other way to this security... (P)owerful psychological forces are at work paralyzing these efforts. Some of these forces are out in the open. The need for power of the ruling class of each state is one force....
Posted: Wed, Feb 1, 2023 12:38pm PST
textDemocracies against Autocracies by Conrad Schuhler
"We are striving for close transatlantic coordination in China policy and are seeking cooperation with like-minded countries in order to reduce strategic dependencies. Indeed, relations with China must be 'shaped in the dimensions of partnership, competition and system rivalry'."...
Posted: Tue, Jan 31, 2023 5:24am PST
textHow foreign policy elites are losing contact with their citizens by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
In addition to the destruction of two countries, trillions of squandered dollars, a massive refugee crisis, a new generation of U.S. war veterans in need of lifelong assistance, and countless dead as well as wounded, these "elites" are largely responsible for the distrust of Washington that has eaten culture and politics in this country to the core. Trust in American institutions is dwindling....
Posted: Tue, Jan 17, 2023 6:35am PST
imageLive Fire and Electronic Warfare at Fallon: Paiute Myron Dewey Died Trying to Prevent It
by Brenda Norrell
Paitue Journalist Myron Dewey spent his final hours trying to prevent it. Now, President Biden and Congress have authorized the expansion of the Fallon bombing range. Biden signed the Defense spending bill two days before Christmas. Bombing, live ground fire, and controversial electronic warfare will be expanded on Paiute Shoshone homelands....
Posted: Mon, Jan 16, 2023 10:44am PST
textWhat are the chances for peace in Ukraine? by M von der Schulenbert, A Lieven and H Neuber
There must be another way to peace. But there can only be if we stop believing that only weapons or the annexation of foreign territories can bring peace; if we accept that the world does not belong only to the West, that there will be no single world power, the USA, and that the expansion of NATO does not contribute to stability in Europe....
Posted: Sun, Jan 15, 2023 6:29am PST
imageINDYRADIO updates: Guantánamo 21, Wikileaks Down
Washington DC protests demand Guantánamo close after 21 years of hell,but no one wants to mention Wikileaks server is down....
Posted: Thu, Jan 12, 2023 1:20pm PST
textNegotiated Solution - No Alternative! by Wolfgang Herzberg and Tomasz Konicz
NATO intervention seems unlikely so far, after U.S. President Biden ruled out direct military intervention even in the run-up to the war...Nevertheless, a further escalation of the war cannot be ruled out. At present, the powerless left has only the option of fighting for peace and of educational work: of emphasizing the survival necessity of a post-capitalist system transformation... (TKonicz)...
Posted: Thu, Jan 12, 2023 8:22am PST
textMake an American dream possible in Ukraine: The case for renewable energy democracy by Igor Tregub
While the war on Ukraine, to those who don’t have ties there, may seem like an endless conflict raging thousands of miles away from our home, what we do as Californians to choose our energy supply has a deep impact on bringing this nightmare - which every night keeps me awake and scared for the safety of my loved ones - to an end. We owe it to our shared humanity to act decisively today. We can and must choose people over profit....
Posted: Tue, Dec 13, 2022 1:32pm PST
textCompendium of Propaganda by Johannes Menath, W Meyer & A Behrend
Today, the media have arguably influenced our culture and behavior even more profoundly than nuclear power or weapons of mass destruction. An invisible cloud of artificial emotions, opinions and conclusions surrounds modern man. Propaganda can spread worldviews, generate obedience or revolutions, help wars break out and end, topple politicians - or make them heads of state....
Posted: Thu, Dec 8, 2022 4:08am PST
textRussia's war in the mirror of western international law nihilism and propaganda by Alexander Neu
With Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine and the Western response, the world may be headed in leaps and bounds toward the nuclear abyss: The escalation dynamic is gaining speed. More and more conventional weapons with better and better effect are being moved by the West to Ukraine, while asserting that they are not a party to the war....
Posted: Sun, Dec 4, 2022 8:06am PST
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