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imageTrump Admin Issues CDC Eviction Moratorium Guidance to Benefit Landlords over Renters
by Posted by Lynda Carson
Change's To Coronavirus Covid-19 CDC Eviction Moratorium:...
Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 4:44PM
textFalling into the Spokes of the Wheel. Critique of the New Right by Saskia Wendel, U Schmiedel & H Strommen
Why theology needs to be political again. Defunding the post office and threatening critics with jail time are perverse, signs of the security state or the authoritarian state....
Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 11:05AM
imageProfit Over Lives At JBS: Covid, OSHA and Life & Death With UFCW 7 President Kim Cordova
by Labor Video Project
Kim Cordova, president of UFCW 7 talks about the deaths of eight JBS meat plant workers in Greeley, Colorado from Covid-19. She discusses the failure of OSHA to protect the workers and why her union, the workers and community are protesting at the Denver OSHA office....
Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:16AM
imageHow the US government and the media suppressed the truth about the COVID-19 pandemic
by Bryan Dyne and Andre Damon (WSWS repost)
Recorded conversations between Donald Trump and reporter Bob Woodward make clear that the White House made a calculated decision to suppress information about the COVID-19 pandemic. Why are these recordings being released only now after almost 200,000 people in the United States have died?...
Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:17AM
textFinance Ministers and United Nations Discuss COVID Crisis Solutions by Zachary Conti
IMF Announces Access to Global "SDRs" Reserve...
Posted: Tue Sep 8, 2020 5:07PM
textEmbodied Inequality: The Intersections Between COVID, Racial Justice, and the Environment by Brianna Cunliffe
The consequences of our fossil fuel economy and a global pandemic fall heaviest on America's most vulnerable communities. Elected Officials are saying enough....
Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 10:08AM
imageEviction crisis across the nation threatens 30-40 million people
by Lynda Carson
Protesting Tenants Demanding That The Rent Must Be Cancelled:...
Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2020 8:45PM
imageNational nurse survey reveals devastating impact of reopening too soon
by National Nurses United
Photo: NNU press conference to release results of first national nurse survey - March 5, 2020...
Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2020 2:04PM
imageAs the pandemic surges, Native Americans are resilient
by Brenda Norrell
As the coronavirus pandemic continues to surge, Native Americans manifest resilience, from the San Carlos Apache running for their sacred land to the Kumeyaay standing to protect their sacred land from the border wall construction. Lakota are cooking hot meals for relatives who are in quarantine in Rapid City, South Dakota, while Dine' and Hopi raise their own funds and deliver food, water and supplies to those most in need....
Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 8:38AM
textThe chances of the Corona crisis by Ingar Solty
Public debt only became a problem after the bank bailouts... Crises cause fear and reinforce deep-seated anxieties.. The market under capitalism is not an efficient distribution mechanism, but a means to enrich private corporations at the expense of society and its environment....
Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:17PM
textPrivate Profit Kaiser v Protests by Support HR 1384 Medicare for All
Private profit Kaiser Permanente, a major medical provider in this backward country that still does not have socialized medicine unlike the rest of the industrialized world, sent an Email on June 20, 2020 at 1:12 AM to its members telling us how to exercise our First Amendment right to protest. So that you know that this statement is not contrived, here is the outrageous blame-the-protest for failures of private profit medicine message:...
Posted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:11AM
imageNavajo volunteers race with food and water as governments fail
by Brenda Norrell
When a young Dine' man asked if anyone needed water and supplies, there were more than 100 responses. They are the blind, those without water, and those in hogans without phones. They are the young people living in tents in quarantine, they are the families living in tents....
Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 4:50PM
videoSave Social Security! (video/quicktime 223.4MB) by Raging Grannies
2 minute video by Lis Cox filmed on June 9, 2020....
Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:39AM
imageGrowing anger among US workers as COVID-19 rips through workplaces
by Tom Hall and Jerry White (WSWS Repost)
A mood of anger and opposition is taking hold among meatpacking workers in Utah, sanitation workers in Philadelphia, and automakers and health care workers in Northern California. Where will it strike next?...
Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 9:45AM
textSolidarity Includes Wearing a Mask at Protests by Norman Solomon
The life you save may not be your own...
Posted: Thu Jun 4, 2020 5:14PM
textG7 Finance Ministers Discuss COVID-19 Debt & Transparency Impacts for Developing Countries by Zachary Conti
Amidst questions of upcoming G7 meeting dates and which countries are participating, G7 Finance Ministers met virtually about economic issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The G7 meeting focused on aid, debt and transparency issues affecting developing countries impacted by the coronavirus....
Posted: Thu Jun 4, 2020 12:49PM
imageNurses Join Forces Nationally to Warn Against Early Reopening
by National Nurses United
June 2, 2020 - As COVID-19 cases continue to climb in the United States, unions representing 230,000 nurses across the country have joined forces to demand hospitals and the government follow strict guidelines before any further reopening measures are taken....
Posted: Tue Jun 2, 2020 4:14PM
text#CancelRent Movement Escalates Amid Growing National Unrest by Posted By Lynda Carson
“We’re at a Breaking Point:” #CancelRent Movement Escalates Amid Growing National Unrest, and Warns that Police Enforcement of Evictions Will Destroy More Black Lives!!!...
Posted: Mon Jun 1, 2020 5:18PM
imageNavajo Loren Tapahe 'My sister is not a number'
by Brenda Norrell
In a tender memoir, Navajo author and publisher Loren Tapahe remembers his sister Emily, who died from the coronavirus, and reminds us, 'My sister is not a number.'...
Posted: Mon Jun 1, 2020 10:41AM
imageNew COVID-19 infections worldwide hit record levels
by Patrick Martin (WSWS Repost)
The United States, the richest country in the world has lost far more of its people to the coronavirus than any other nation because of the greed, callousness and sheer incompetence of its ruling elite. In the eyes of working people around the world, this is a political and social disgrace from which American capitalism will never recover....
Posted: Mon Jun 1, 2020 9:18AM