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No GLBT only shelter in San Francisco? Mistreatment still pervasive!
by D. Boyer
Wednesday Aug 8th, 2012 6:27 PM
Since the local State and Federal governments are unable to do anything about the ailing economy thousands of people have become unemployed and thousands of people have lost their homes. I am no exception. I lost my livable wage job in 2009, but was able to hold onto my home until 2012. In February 2012 I became homeless, so I was forced into the shelter system. And I mean forced because it is illegal to sleep in a car, sleep on the street and pitch a tent in the park. But there are laws that are supposed to protect us against abusive, unsanitary, and violent riddled homeless shelters, but abuse and mistreatment is still pervasive. Getting 8 hours of sleep every night is not at all possible. In this article by the Bay Area Reporter Indybay reporter Dina Boyer explains that mistreatment is still taking place, and the development of a GLBT shelter is not moving forward as planned, which in her opinion will help isolate the population that receives the most hate and discrimination into more acceptable environment's. I did file complaints with the Shelter Monitoring Committee.

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According to Article 13 Chapter 20 of the San Francisco all homeless shelter clients are entitled to:

Be Treated with Dignity and Respect. SEC 20.4049(1)
A safe environment free from violence. SEC 20.404(2)
Access to toilet paper, hand soap, clean sheets, blankets, pillows and towels. SEC 20.404(3)
Fresh drinking water. SEC 20.404(7)
Feminine Hygiene products and adult diapers. SEC 20.404(4)
First aid kits. SEC 20.404(6)
Reasonable accommodations for meals. SEC 20.404(10)
A nutritionist in the system to plan meals and have menus posted daily. SEC 20.404(9)
8 hours of sleep. SEC 20.404(13)
Daytime access to shelters.SEC 20.404(14)
Electricity for cell phones and other devices. SEC 20.404(16)
Have at least 22 inches between sleeping units. SEC 20.404(19)
Non-toxic cleaning supplies. SEC 20.404(5)
FREE local calls. SEC 20.404(18)
Materials in Spanish, English and Braille. SEC 20.404(20)
Pest free environments. SEC 20.404(15)
A secure place for belongings. SEC 20.404(15)
ADA accessible beds. SEC 20.404(8)(ii)
Having an alternate sleeping unit located in the event of of an immediate denial of service after 5pm, for any other reason other than threats of violence, or actual violence. SEC 20.404(24)
Staff must wear badges. SEC 20.404(25)
A shelter disaster plan SEC 20.404(23)
Public notice of community meetings at least 24 hours in advance. SEC 20.404(27)
Access to FREE laundry SEC 20.404(28)
Minimum 7 night stay (except CAAP beds) SEC 20.404(29)
Mandatory staff training SEC 20.404(30)(31)
Maintenance postings on status of repairs SEC 20.404(17)
Round the clock shelter access SEC 20.404(a)
At least one 24 hour drop-in center SEC 20.404(b)
And if shelters are out of compliance then contact the Shelter Monitoring Committee at 415-255-3642

The Next Door Shelter and The Sanctuary are operated by the Episcopal Community Services, and MSC South is operated by St. Vincent De Paul.
There are other shelters: A Woman's Place
Dolores Street
Hospitality House (for men only)
The Coalition on Homelessness is there for you in case you need info, advocacy etc.

Day by day account of mistreatment:
§Words that are Transphobic and Why!
by D. Boyer Wednesday Aug 8th, 2012 6:27 PM