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Another Night In An Abusive Shelter
by a TG person
Thursday Jul 19th, 2012 6:58 AM
Had to change shelters because Next Door Shelter is abusive towards transgender people especially the disabled.
For the last 2 nights I have been staying at The Sanctuary Shelter at Howard and 8th. It is run by the same company. The Episcopal Church Community Services.
It is no better. I am also being deprived of sleep and respect and dignity. At 10pm staff there finally decide to take action against a belligerent woman. She had been belligerent since 7pm so they had time to take care of it when the lights were still on, but they waited until the bright lights were turned off. I consider myself disabled, so getting rest and sleep are the only reason I go to those shelters.
At 3:30am I was awaken by loud staff. At 5am I was awaken by loud staff. At 6:30am I was awaken by bright lights. When I approach the front desk and complain they look right through me.
Point of my story the shelter system is rife with abuse. They abuse transgender disabled people.