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Mistreatment At Shelter#3 MSC South?
by a TG person
Saturday Jul 21st, 2012 7:33 AM
Mistreatment at Shelter#3 MSC South.
First of all the check in process at this shelter is time consuming. Security guards make shelter users take everything out if your pockets and backpacks.
Last night July 20th allegedly the computers were down. So did not officially get checked in. Signed in on some list, but yet the shelter supervisor did not know about that list, so they had me down as a no-show.
I was there for the bed checks. When I went to the front desk in the morning, to make sure my bed was secure the supervisor gave me such a hard time I felt like crying. She said "what's the problem? And why you giving me attitude? Even though I am saying I was professional and wanted to make sure my bed was secure for tonight July 21st.
Those shelters are the ones' that GA refers people too, and since it is illegal to sleep in a car, on a sidewalk, in a tent etc, it is my opinion homeless people are forced into those shelters, which are rife with abuse, and staffed by unprofessional workers. Unless they want to risk arrest and tickets and confiscation of cars and or property.
by me
Thursday Oct 25th, 2012 1:02 PM
That place is a joke,all the staff members are unprofessional and treat the homeless like shit. If your not given a bed then they have you sleep in a chair,often times old people or mentslly ill fall out of those chairs and they dont care. Their strictly in it for a check,99.9% of all staff are certified assholes. They are very quick to people out on the streets for the stupidiest reasons. Often times staff talk down to people and make it a very hostile unpleasant environment,FUCK MSC SOUTH AND YOUR A STAFF MEMEBER THERE FUCK YOU TOO,YOU EARNED IT!
by The Game
Tuesday Mar 25th, 2014 3:02 PM
You can blame all this on our last "leader" Gavin Newsom and his care not cash scheme. Dont give people hotel rooms to sleep in, store them away in a shelter with 300 other men{or women} and take 300 dollars of their G.A. money every month. Why aren"t they charging people on ssi? This system totally sucks!
by the game
Saturday Jun 21st, 2014 10:19 AM
you hit the nail square in the head. only thing is, if your on paes, and get a little more money,they actually take 375.00 away! I say, take our fucked up mayor and the supervisors and make them stay at the shelter for 90 days. think they would survive? doubt it!