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video New Video Shows America's Only Known Wild Jaguar (video/mpeg 63.0MB) by Center for Biological Diversity
TUCSON, Ariz., February 3, 2016 — Conservation CATalyst and the Center for Biological Diversity released new video today of the only known wild jaguar currently in the United States. Captured on remote sensor cameras in the Santa Rita Mountains just outside Tucson, the dramatic footage provides a glimpse of the secretive life of one of nature’s most majestic and charismatic creatures. This is the first ever publicly released video of the jaguar, and it comes at a critical point in this ca...
Posted: Wed Feb 3, 2016 4:17PM
video Urban Coyote Behavior (Attachment On: Coyote Hazing: Learning to Live with Urban Coyotes in San Francisco) (video/x-flv 18.0MB) by D. Boyer
Coyotes are dogs so they act like dogs. If you leave food, garbage, or other attractants laying around on the ground in coyote country they will find it and then become habituated by food.
Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:59AM
video ALF-SOG1 (Attachment On: Animal Liberation Front Visits Ontario Fur Farms) (video/mp4 38.2MB) by Animal Liberation Press Office
Animal Liberation Front - Studies & Observations Group Operation Infinite Justice fur farm footage 2015 - Ontario, Canada
Posted: Wed Oct 7, 2015 10:57PM
video PETA Protests Luxury Goods store in Financial District in SF (video/x-flv 48.3MB) by D. Boyer
On Tuesday August 11th 2015 People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA struck again in downtown San Francisco at a store called Hermès.
Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:52PM
video Animal Film Festival Tickets! (Attachment On: Animal Film Festival) (video/quicktime 300.5MB) by Shelley Frost
Posted: Mon Aug 3, 2015 9:26AM
video Graphic TV Commercials Accuse Salinas Rodeo of Animal Cruelty, Ask Viewers Not to Attend (video/mp4 5.7MB) by Last Chance for Animals
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday/July 16, 2015
Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:16PM
video Western American culture (Attachment On: Graphic TV Commercials Accuse Salinas Rodeo of Animal Cruelty, Ask Viewers Not to Attend) (video/mp4 5.7MB) by Last Chance for Animals
(video :15)
Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:26PM
video Animal Rights Protest in San Francisco (video/x-flv 110.1MB) by D. Boyer
The animal rights activist group Direct Action Everywhere held their May Day of action in downtown San Francisco on Saturday May23rd. The activists traveled from cities in the US, Canada and even Denmark, to once again bring their “It’s Not Food It’s Violence” campaign to the streets of San Francisco.
Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 11:42AM
video Direct Action Everywhere Flash Mob at Whole Foods (video/mp4 35.2MB) by D. Boyer
A group called Direct Action Everywhere held a flash mob inside the Whole Foods store on Market Street in SF on Sunday January 11th to protest that companies inhumane or cruel treatment of animals. This report contains photos and video of the flash mob.
Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:09PM
video New subMedia video: Countdown to Armageddon! (video/mp4 274.1MB) by submedia.tv
This Week: 1. LMFAO 2. 2012 hottest year ever 3. Romney’s and Obama’s pipe dreams 4. Keystone Xl Blockade in Texas 5. Benjamin Netanyahu’s coke problem 6. Nobel War Prize 7. Spanish loot supermarkets 8. Parliament surrounded in Madrid 9. Molotov cocktails party in Athens
Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:35PM
video Ringling Bros Circus Protest Interviews with Pat Cuviello and Deniz Bolbol, 8/17/11: video (video/mp4 39.0MB) by dave id
On August 17th, opening night of the Ringling Brothers Circus in San Jose, nearly a hundred activists gathered to protest and to inform circus-goers about the cruelty involved when wild animals are forced to live in small cages and perform for audiences across the country. In the first video here, Pat Cuviello of Humanity Through Education discusses the history of demonstrations for circus animals in Northern California. In the second video, Deniz Bolbol of Humanity Through Education discus...
Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:11PM
video Interview with Deniz Bolbol of Humanity Through Education (Attachment On: Ringling Bros Circus Protest Interviews with Pat Cuviello and Deniz Bolbol, 8/17/11: video) (video/mp4 54.4MB) by dave id
(video 9:07) Deniz Bolbol watches the Ringling elephants over a wall with the use of a videocamera on the end of a pole. She remarks that the elephants appear beaten down in the way they respond to their handlers. In 2004, Deniz Bolbol recorded a Ringling handler stabbing and jabbing a 7-year-old chained elephant named Angelica outside of the Oakland Arena as Ringling walked Angelica to the venue to perform. The footage received extensive news coverage. Ringling responded the following year by arresting Deniz for trespassing when she tried to videorecord from the same location, leading to the Oakland civil suit and Deniz winning the right to record outside of the arena. Now, however, Ringling no longer walks the elephants back and forth three times during each show but keeps the elephants within the perimeter wall the entire time. Additionally, at the San Jose show, Ringling shined a strobe light at one of the cameras attempting to record over the wall. Deniz says that the animals are just commodities to Ringling as they are shuffled from city to city all year except for a few weeks during the winter. Ringling has been documented repeatedly beating their elephants and chaining them for extended periods of time. Some elephants have been forced to perform in service of Ringling's profits for decades. One such elephant named Sarah who collapsed while being loaded into a boxcar in Anaheim on August 6th has been forced to perform for Ringling for 50 years, including in the show that night in San Jose. Deniz discusses how Ringling coopts the corporate media in towns to which the circus travels, in order to guarantee that coverage of the circus is positive and doesn't mention the presence of protesters or tales of animal abuse. In San Jose for instance, NBC-11 sent a news van out to do a story on opening night at the circus, but neglected to talk with anyone associated with the demonstration, much less even mention that a huge number of people were present protesting. The reason? NBC was an official sponsor of the circus and the station's weatherperson, Christina Loren, was an honorary master of ceremony and ringmaster for the Ringling show in San Jose. http://www.idausa.org
Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:11PM
video Anonymous Hackers Group Declares Solidarity With Animal Liberation Struggle (video/mp4 4.9MB) by Animal Liberation Press Office
For Immediate Release July 21, 2011
Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:08PM
video Video (Attachment On: Amanda Lollar commits animal cruelty at Bat World Sanctuary) (video/mp4 15.6MB) by Upload
Say NO to animal cruelty
Posted: Mon May 9, 2011 1:23PM