image 2018 Pan African Global Trade and Investment Week 480_massamba_diop_1.jpg by Khubaka, Michael Harris
September is African Heritage Month from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Washington DC to San Francisco, CA join us to highlight focused weeklong activities targeting increasing Califorina-Pan African Global Trade and Investment. Everyone is invited to join our positive new way forward....
Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:58PM
text New Student Loan Rule Sides with For-Profit Colleges by Lydia Andrews
This week the US Department of Education proposed new student "borrower defense" rules....
Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:18AM
image March for Our Lives and the Rest of the World's 480_gun_control_now-large.jpg by Riva Enteen
In a promotional video for the March for Our Lives, former US soldiers say they don't want the assault rifles that they've used abroad aimed at US citizens, especially the students suffering one school massacre after another. Isn't it time to stop aiming those guns—and our missiles, fighter jets, and drones—at the rest of the world?...
Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 12:39PM
image @CanaryMission Suspended on Twitter 480_canary_mission_twitter_suspension.jpg by Palestine Legal
February 26, 2018 - Twitter suspended @CanaryMission – the account of a defamatory website that blacklists and harasses activists who support Palestinian rights. The reason and terms of the suspension are unknown. Twitter has repeatedly found @CanaryMission to be in violation of its rules in response to individual reports, but this is the first visible enforcement action taken to date....
Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:45PM
text Youth Reject a Lockdown Future by Curt Wechsler
Students are ‘fed up’ going to school scared for their lives and demand a ban on domestic military grade weapons. The AR-15 rifle used to spray bullets inside and outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in last week’s massacre has no legitimate use in any community, said junior Ashley Santoro: “There’s no real reason for anybody to own these.”...
Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:04PM
image Remembering the Pan African Spirit of the Buffalo Soldier 480_fullsizerender__25__1.jpg by Khubaka, Michael Harris
This 170th Anniversary of the California Gold Rush, the Pan African Spirit of the Buffalo Soldier is worth putting in context of the broader California experience. San Francisco History Days will provide an amazing opportunity....
Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:43AM
text From School Shootings to Revolutionary Social Transformations by Bob M
After the Stoneman Douglas shootings, students are calling for a walkout for gun reform. This article suggests the importance of revolutionary reforms, and the direction that some of such actions might be made....
Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:51PM
image “I’m Turning Point USA’s Top Activist in the Country, & I Quit this Shitty Organization” 480_fascist_picture_1.jpg by Dr. Danny Weil, ESQ
“Last semester, Frankie told us we were not allowed to bring Kyle Chapman (the Based Stickman) to our campus since Turning Point wants to distance itself from the alt-right, despite him being a Constitutionalist Ron Paul supporter. Meanwhile, Frankie was liking tweets from notorious Charlottesville attendee and white nationalist icon, James Allsup”...
Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:06PM
text Turning Point USA opens door for white supremacists on campus by Dahn Shaulis
Turning Point USA is a racist, anti-feminist, anti-intellectual organization backed by billionaires, the NRA, and members of the fossil fuel industry. It has organizations at hundreds of high schools and college campuses. And the group uses dirty tricks to incite others on campus....
Posted: Wed Feb 7, 2018 11:51PM
image Turning Point USA Colorado State University event erupts in violence 480_charliepicture_1.jpg by Dr. Danny Weil, ESQ
Turning Point USA states on its website it is devoted to the promotion of the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets and limited government, but as we shall see, this is just a cover for their misogyny, white supremacy and fascist ideology. The group is joined at the hip with a subaltern group of rabid fascists, gamesters, misogynists and racists, including the fascist fight club, the Proud Boys (
Posted: Tue Feb 6, 2018 1:19PM
image Turning Point USA, the Professor Watch List and The Campus Free Speech Act 23509024_1476847609030617_3066969655664077750_o.png by Dr. Danny Weil, ESQ
The Reichpubs and Turning Point USA promote Campus Censorship Act...
Posted: Fri Feb 2, 2018 5:31PM
image Neo-Nazis Get Millions from Billionaires & Rightwing Politicians To Terrorize Academics 480_rauner_pic--of__by___for_the_richest_1__1.jpg by Pacifica KPFA WorkWeek Radio
WorkWeek looks at the attack on AFT 6300 GEO UIUC Lecturer Tariq Khan and his family by Turning Point USA and how it is funding racists and neo-nazis to terrorize and attack left professors, lecturers and workers at universities though out the country....
Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:18AM
text Teachers in Mosul learn to cope with traumatised pupils by Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)
On a classroom whiteboard in the battered city of Mosul the words "rediscovering how to smile" outline the heartbreaking task of Iraqi teachers striving to heal their students' mental scars after brutal Islamic State group rule....
Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:52AM
image 2018 Year Celebration for Dr. George Washington Carver 1141d284a7042ef5f8fe484f0b13fc93--black-history-month-quotes-black-leaders.jpg by Adopted from Marilyn Jones
From the "Farm to Fork Capitol of America" to Tuskegee, Alabama and on to the USDA Headquarters in Washington D.C. the 2018 Celebration of Dr. George Washington Carver is poised to be elevated his living legacy. The global reach of his innovations, sacred science and spiritual righteousness will forever preserve the legacy of Dr. George Washington Carver. We must introduce to some and reintroduced to others the legacy preserved in the blood stained red clay bricks at Tuskegee University, w...
Posted: Mon Jan 8, 2018 8:17PM
image 2018 the Year for Dr. George Washington Carver 480_george_washington_carver__2__1.jpg by Khubaka, Michael Harris
75 years ago the 79th Congress, Public Law 290 was passed to designate January 5th of each year as George Washington Carver Recognition Day. 2018 we will facilitate a year long effort to forever many Dr. George Washington Carver know throughout the United States and far beyond......
Posted: Fri Jan 5, 2018 11:12PM
image Kwanzaa: The "Califorina Grown" Pan African Holiday 480_16729123_1683427341671169_5344698360318632813_n_1.jpg by Khubaka, Michael Harris
Recognition and restoration of the values in Pan African agricultural harvest celebrations is the basis of the first widely celebrated African American Holiday. Kwanzaa celebrations were established in the State of California, during the US Civil Rights Movement and aftermath of the 1966 Watts Riots, Los Angeles, CA....
Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:33PM
image Facebook Shuts Down Event Page for Student Walk Out Against Richard Spencer 480_stop-spencer-university-michigan.jpg by It's Going Down
The Facebook page, ‘Stop Spencer at the University of Michigan’ is organizing and promoting a whole week of events, including a student walkout against Spencer on Wednesday and even a student strike on Thursday. On Monday however, Facebook took down the event page for the student led walk-out....
Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:57PM
image Portland, OR: Reed College Threatens Students for Protesting Its Financial Ties 480_black-lives-matter-at-reed_1.jpg by Reedies Against Racism
Reed College in Portland, Oregon uses Wells Fargo, infamous for being one of the primary investors in private prisons, immigration detention, the Dakota Access Pipeline, police foundations and the Israeli Apartheid (among other oppressive institutions), as its main operating bank, holding around $300,000.00 in the bank on a daily basis....
Posted: Wed Nov 1, 2017 11:15PM
audio Nuestra Voz: Schools for Education not Criminalization (audio/x-wav 203.9mb) by WTUL News & Views
WTUL News & Views was joined in the studio by Nuestra Voz Cultural Organizer Lydia Nichols to discuss two important polices that will be voted on by the Orleans Parish School Board on Thursday, September 14th, 2017 that would regulate the relationship between schools and law enforcement. The suggested policy change will prevent law enforcement officers (including but not limited to ICE) from interviewing students on campus or accessing student/family data without a warrant....
Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:14AM
text Is Randi Weingarten Using Teachers Union to Advocate for Israel? by IRmep
Five minute video documentary exposes Randi Weingarten continuing practice of past American Federation of Teachers presidents in co-opting the union to advocate for Israel.
Posted: Sat Sep 9, 2017 5:06AM