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textExpropriate, Capture & Marginalize: the Energix business model from Palestine to the US by IRmep
Energix expropriated 24 acres from a Palestinian community in the Israeli-occupied West Bank to boost its bottom line. When residents in the Israeli-occupied Golan questioned Energix electricity exports from massive wind turbines built on occupied land, Energix sued them in Israeli court. Now Energix has brought its business practices to America. But can Energix get away with expropriating $26,000 from each home within 100 feet of its utility scale energy generators in Virginia? Will county ...
Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 10:03AM
textWe’ve Got Our Own Reasons to Elect Biden -- and He Isn’t One of Them by Norman Solomon
We can do this on our own terms...
Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2020 8:42AM
textFive Theses on the Political-Theological Foundation of Church Asylum by Benedikt Kern
Human rights did not just fall from the sky, but had to and must be fought for by those who are not granted them...This includes the unwritten human right to global freedom of movement. Solidarity is directed primarily at those who are enslaved and/or who, in the struggle for liberation, are working to overcome unjust social conditions....
Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:53AM
textOpen Letter: Dump Trump, Then Battle Biden by 55 Progressive Activists and Writers
Priority is dumping Trump...
Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 10:16AM
textTax haven USA wants to dry up other tax havens by A.Widmann, D.Bocking and K.Schoeneberg
The American government can certainly be accused of double standards in this matter: While the United States refuses to take action against its own tax havens, it wants to get at other tax havens..Two US states Delaware & Nevada lure with lax laws for companies. Constructions such as mailbox companies, which conceal the true owners of companies, are flourishing....
Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 10:09AM
textU-C IMC is celebrating 20th Anniversary by Stewart Dickson
U-C IMC is celebrating 20th Anniversary WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 AT 6 PM CDT – 7:30 PM CDT...
Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:48PM
textSecurity State 4.0 by Joachim Hirsch
The future of humanity and the earth require a break from the rule of capital and the security state.... The political public is now at least beginning to discuss again how to deal with the constitution and fundamental rights. It remains to be seen what will become of them....
Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 10:05AM
textWeighing the Pros and Cons of The Proposed New Pacifica Bylaws  by Akio Tanaka
The aim of the proposed New Day Pacifica Bylaws is to simplify, democratize, and stabilize the governance structure of Pacifica to keep it from evaporating in April 2021, when its $3.2 million balloon payment becomes due....
Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 9:39PM
textSupreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg 1933-2020 by The Struggle Continues
By now, we have seen the TV tributes and read the many thoughts on the Internet regarding Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg who died today at age 87. My favorite is from the ACLU at
Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 8:38PM
textFrame-up in Aurora, Colorado of Black Lives Matter Protesters by Stop the Frame-Up
Once again, as done in labor history and in the black liberation struggle, the State of Colorado is framing at least 4 organizers of protests on behalf of Elijah McClain, a black violinist, murdered by the police in Aurora, Colorado. See
Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 7:59PM
textTrump’s Climate Denial Gains Strength If We’re in Denial About His Neo-Fascism by Norman Solomon
The left could be crushed...
Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 8:19PM
textThe True Facts About the Oregon Fires, With a Video Proving It by Kevin Matthews, CounterPunch
Okay, this flood of forest BS is pissing me off. Hear me: The national reporters helicoptering in have not got this right. NPR, Reveal tonight, etc., even the fine Pro Publica....
Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 5:19PM
textAgainst the neoliberal denunciation of the welfare state by Rudolf Walther
No economist is so misunderstood and misinterpreted as Adam Smith. Many consider him to be an advocate of the "free market" and narrow-minded egoism. What a mistake! Smith saw an important and strong role for the state. Cooperation and mutual help are inscribed in the division of labor. Others irrationally denounce the welfare state as "comfortable stable feeding."...
Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:14AM
textThe Presidential Election: “A 200-Pound Sack of Concrete” vs. “The Orange Menace” by Norman Solomon
May the worst man lose...
Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 12:27PM
textA Response to Pacifica in Exile article ‘Bad Bylaws Take 2’ by Akio Tanaka
9-3-20 Pacifica in Exile (PIE) article ‘Bad Bylaws Take 2’ critiques the proposed New Day Pacifica (NDP) Bylaws. Following is a response to the article, giving the reasons why you should sign the petition for the new Bylaws....
Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 9:20AM
textStill 42% Support for Nazi Trump by Who Are the 42%?
42% support for Nazi Trump despite admissions on tape that he knew at the beginning of February 2020 that the virus was 5 times worse than the flu but said nothing....
Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 7:13AM
textTrump's time is running out! by Detlef Umbach
His record as president is modest. The economy is in crisis, unemployment is at record levels, and longer-term projects such as the reduction of large foreign trade deficits and the Great Wall at the border have not progressed beyond initial stages. Trump's foreign and trade policy is so fickle and unclear that it is hard to find anything positive from it for the election campaign....
Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 4:20AM
text19 Years Since 9/11 Inside Job by 9/11 was an Inside Job
This year, 19 years after the 9/11 Inside Job of 9/11/01, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has taken the lead in pursuing the reversal of the NIST false decision that fires supposedly caused the collapse of the 110 Story Twin Towers and a 47 Story building, based on the massive evidence provided by commercial TV coverage on 9/11/01 where reporters described the demolition explosives they heard and witnessed. In addition, on September 10, 2020, the Northern California 9/11 Truth All...
Posted: Wed Sep 9, 2020 8:33AM
textOnce more: what has happened to the #MeToo witch-hunt? by David Walsh (WSWS Repost)
The apparent stifling of the #MeToo Movement points to the way the US media turns on a given tap at one instant, only to turn it off at the next. Everything it reports is dictated by the needs of the ruling elite to shift public opinion, always with a larger political agenda in mind, to confuse and deceive the people....
Posted: Tue Sep 8, 2020 9:25AM
textCan U.S. Democracy Be Fixed? by Richard Falk
To distract and divert, scapegoating becomes a core tactic of these moves away from democratic cohesion. In a world of inequalities and global warming, there has arisen a frightening receptivity to blaming the stranger or the other for the unfairness being experienced in the forms of inequality, economic displacement, and erosions of national identity....
Posted: Sat Sep 5, 2020 4:54AM