text Anti-Abortion, Anti-Labor Tim Kaine is Clinton’s VP by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
It is bad enough women face death when they get pregnant. The Democrat’s Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, supported 24 hour waiting periods and parental consent while governor of Virginia. Women can die during 24 hour waiting periods and waiting for parental consent if they need to abort a dead fetus immediately to save the woman’s life. Tom Kaine also supports the anti-labor trade agreements known as NAFTA and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)....
Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:16PM
text Equilibrium: The High-Level Architecture by DeepThought
A discussion on the high level architecture for Equilibrium, the decision support system for government with the aim of ending open conflict....
Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 8:00AM
text The Social State Benefits All of Us by R Brait, A Buxbaum and M Schnetzer
The social state can only fulfill expectations when financed n a broad and just basis. The social state must be adjusted to do justice to the pressing challenges like the separate development of poor and rich and social and economic dislocations in the wake of the financial and economic crisis. Helmut Schmidt (German chancellor 1974-1982) said: "The social state is the greatest cultural achievement int he otherwise terrible 20th century."...
Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 4:20AM
text In 1988, Kurt Vonnegut Writes a Letter to People Living in 2088, Giving 7 Pieces of Advice by Colin Marshall, Open Culture
The mind of Kurt Vonnegut, like the protagonist of his best-known novel Slaughterhouse-Five, must have got “unstuck in time” somewhere along the line. How else could he have managed to write his distinctive brand of satirical but sincere fiction, hyper-aware of past, present, and future all at once?...
Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:36AM
text Ferguson police killing of Michael Brown & invations of Afghanistan: variations on a theme by Gil Villagran, MSW
The Police killing of Michael Brown by a Furguson policeman and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and subsequent U.S. invasion are dominos, variations upon a theme: the hubris of a powerful nation, class or ruling elite to control a much subservient people or nation, there are tragic lessons to be learned to the demise of the powerful (at the expense of the powerless)....
Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:54AM
text On Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, and Dallas by Linda Burnham
Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, Dallas...
Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 3:40PM
text Equilibrium: The Science Behind The Government Decision Support System by DeepThought
A detailed overview of the science behind Equilibrium, the Decision Support System for government aimed at ending conflict....
Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 2:05AM
text The Paradigm Shift - American Politics Series by DeepThought
Is a political paradigm shift upon us that will see the weapons of war fall silent across the world?...
Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 7:09PM
text Bernie Sanders Wins at the End by Robert D. Meyer
Sanders has one quality that gives him an advantage in the US election campaign that is based largely on sympathies: authenticity... The demand to double the nationwide minimum wage to $15, further development of universal health insurance and free access to state universities are now in the election program of the party... The logical consequence of "Not Me. Us" is that the individual fights for improvement of social conditions, not for himself and his personal success. Go Bernie Go! The wo...
Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:25AM
text Fluoridegate: Dental Group Document Reveals Extensive Fluoridation Safety Research Needed by Daniel G. Stockin, MPH
Officials pronounce fluoridation safe and effective; but privately they aren’t so sure. A CDC freedom of information request uncovered a document from the the American Dental Association, an ardent fluoridation protector and promoter, asking for fluoridation safety studies....
Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 12:37PM
text Rep. Gutiérrez to Speak on House Floor in Bid to Free Oscar Lopez Rivera by Douglas G. Rivlin
Announcement of Oct. 9 event in Lafayette Park, Washington, DC...
Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:31AM
text Warmonger Sanders endorses Warmonger Clinton by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
As the Democrats' Warmonger Sheepdog Sanders promised throughout his staged campaign for more votes for Democrats in November, Bernie Sanders has endorsed Warmonger Democrat Hillary Clinton for President, which should surprise absolutely no one. The transcript of his speech, which is instructive, is at
Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:22PM
text The Totalitarianism of the Market by Sebastian Mueller
Neoliberalism demands reeducation for its implementation like command socialism. The neoliberal view of the person is exemplified by the figure of the Homo Oeconomicus and is the antipole to the socialist person. All persons are entrepreneurs of themselves. Everything important for persons is acquired through the market. To survive in the competition with others, constant self-optimization is necessary. Relations with others only serve purely economic utilitarian calculations....
Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:57AM
text The Black Lives Matter Movement Needs to Embrace Civil Disobedience by Philip Hamilton
The American public should be in support of mandatory minimum sentences for police officers who commit acts of brutality, that led to serious injury or death, due to racial motivations. However, reacting to violence with violence, will not garner the good graces of the majority of the public, therefore civil disobedience must be urged by leaders of the Black Lives Movement to change the media narrative that the group is a violent organization with leaders that seek violence to continue....
Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 11:28PM
text An Open Letter to President Bernie Sanders by Jenny Miller
Last week Bernie Sanders indicated in interviews that there is a possibility of him issuing an endorsement of Hillary Clinton next week. This has been the subject of much controversy. My open letter to President Sanders talks about why an endorsement of Hillary before the convention would be an unspeakable tragedy....
Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 6:01PM
text If You Like Obama, You’ll Love Trump (& Clinton) by repost
While we wait for the next episode in the staged Demo-Republican Presidential elections, namely the TV advertising called conventions, a few pithy observations from William Blum may be helpful. His only weakness is not recognizing the fact that all of the recent bombings & massacres are inside jobs, so one paragraph falls flat like a wet noodle. But the rest is very insightful at
Posted: Sat Jul 9, 2016 7:29PM
text Israel’s surveillance state by Ted Rudow III
Palestinians using social media to spread news about arrests and deaths, and Israeli intelligence and law enforcement officers scouring the web for clues about the next stabbing or protest. Facebook has not changed the fundamental contours of the conflict, but it has accelerated it. A demonstration against the Israeli occupation can be organized in a matter of hours, while the monitoring of Palestinians is made easier by the large digital footprint they leave on their laptops and mobile phone...
Posted: Fri Jul 8, 2016 2:15PM
text Chelsea Manning incommunicado until Friday by IndyRadio/David Roknich
On Tuesday, a phone call scheduled for 2PM between Manning and her lawyers "could not be connected", according an army spokesman and what remains is a cryptic press release....
Posted: Wed Jul 6, 2016 3:22PM
text Through the media by Ted Rudow III, MA
I am completely dumbfounded by the unprecedented and brutal terrorist attack at Gulshan, Dhaka. The people of Bangladesh did not experience anything like this before. This incident has created great anxiety, fear and uncertainty among the common people. I strongly condemn this cowardly act of terrorism....
Posted: Tue Jul 5, 2016 6:15PM
text Propaganda: Making Alternatives Disappear by Rainer Mausfeld
The main responsibility of a government in a "democrac y" is protecting the minority of the ownership class against the majority of non-owners...Our bombing Arab countries is not terrorism but a struggle for freedom and human rights... The neoliberal indoctrination systems serve an industrial-scale manufacture of ignorance... The US strives for a full spectrum dominance in water, air, outer space and in the opinion market... Double standards is part of our human nature... We have pessimism o...
Posted: Tue Jul 5, 2016 7:09AM