text Trump Has Increased US Deficit By 4 to 5 Trillion Dollars by Peace Accountants
The Trump regime under the guise of cutting government costs has increased them. Between 4 and 5 trillion dollars in costs have been added to the deficit enriching Chinese, Swiss, Japanese, British and American banksters....
Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 5:19PM
text Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe's Bloody Record by FN
Oklahoma GOP Senator finally ended his annual fundraiser pigeon shoot murder after several years but continues his mammal murder votes....
Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:18PM
text 14 Things To Know About Corrupt FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb by ARC
According to, the first use of the term nut milk in the West happened in the 12th Century Yet Scott Gottlieb Trump head of the FDA has ruled that only the cowkilling disease spreading dairy industry can use the term milk. He has granted this brutal industry a nonopoly....
Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:08PM
text Treasury Takes Aim at Shell Companies by Lydia Andrews
The US Treasury is calling for greater scrutiny into the use of "anonymous" shell companies. Last week, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin urged Congress to quickly pass legislation to make the identity of shell company owners available to law enforcement....
Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:16AM
text The System Question as a Survival Question by Tomasz Konicz
A fundamental social alternative to the permanent capitalist chaos is sought. A rational social discourse on system alternatives would be an antidote to populism and to the irrational identity-mania that spreads in crisis times. The public discusses headscarves and leather trousers while late capitalism sinks in crisis....
Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:51PM
text Nation's Largest Voting Machine Co., ESS, Admits Lying Re Having Installed Remote Control by Recycled Paper Trail
Elecion Systems And Software controls statewide voting machine systems in 18 states, 13 of which are GOP dominated....
Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 11:32AM
text Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Palestine: Supports 2 state solution by Stop US Aid to Israel
All socialists support a secular state of Palestine, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and ending US aid to Israel. However, Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is a member of an outfit called the Democratic Socialists of America (ignoring the fact that socialism is democratic by definition)ran for Congress on a platform that does not address the war machine and when questioned on Firing Line TV show, said on Israel, she supports the mythical 2 state solution. See https://ww...
Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:23PM
text Please Work For The Defeat Of Brett Kavanaugh 37 Reasons Why by Vote Out Republicans
Brett Kavanaugh: warmonger, advocate of execution, violater of women's rights, pawn of corporations and the plutocracy, 911 coverup operative, thief of the 2000 election, operative in the unconstitutional campaign against Bill Clinton because he would not invade Iraq, etc....
Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:51AM
text Social Policy as Social Infrastructure by Joachim Hirsch
Work and income must be uncoupled. In Germany, thanks to higher productivity and information technology, 30% more was produced from 1970-2010 with 30% fewer workers. The state should represent the public. Demonizing China will not resuscitate the Rust Belt. Reducing working hours, sharing work and public investment are crucial. The Internet, Touchscreen,and GPS happened because of state investment and risk-taking...
Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:34AM
text Vol I 84 Varieties Of GOP Election Theft & Vote Fraud by Vote Out Republicans
The party of the rich, the Republican one, has always been a minority party and therefore has been involved in voter suppression and election thefts...
Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:35AM
text Please Work For The Defeat Of Brett Kavanaugh And Why by Elect Supreme Court Justices
Brett Kavanaugh: warmonger, advocate of judicial murder, voted to deny an imprisoned teen immigrant an abortion, worked with G W Bush to steal the White House from the elected Gore, worked to violate the privacy of Bill Clinton's consensual sex life, helped Ken Starr spend 45 million dollars trying to impeach Clinton etc....
Posted: Mon Jul 9, 2018 8:58PM
text HUD Prioritizes Funding for Communities Taking Steps Against Criminalization of Homelessness by National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty
Forthcoming Homeless Law Center Report Shares Progress and Tools for Doing More...
Posted: Mon Jul 9, 2018 11:39AM
text Google, World's Biggest Censor, Was Founded & Funded By The CIA by Internet Freedom
Google censors by totally erasing some search links, hiding others in the back pages, designing algorithms to generate more negative than positive links, decimating activist links lisings, running old articles before current ones etc....
Posted: Mon Jul 9, 2018 11:02AM
text The (Temporary) End of Globalization by Fabian Fritzsche
Protectionist measures could lead to losses of prosperity and increase the pressure to introduce more measures. This danger exists. Before the 2008 crisis, world trade grew over 6% per year (now 2%). Growth will decline again through the trade war. Why must US consumers pay more for imports from the EU? Why should European consumers be punished with higher prices for US imports? These questions aren't even discussed....
Posted: Mon Jul 9, 2018 2:59AM
text Judge Brett Kavanaugh: 12 Of Many Reasons To Oppose Him as Supreme Court Justice by Abolition
Kavanaugh, helped Bush steal the presidency from the elected Al Gore, was a Ken Starr operative who called for Clinton's impeachment over private consensual sex, voted to deny a jailed immigrant teen the right to an abortion, is an advocate of execution, promotes unrestricted presidential power, would vote against indicting Trump for his crimes, etc. etc....
Posted: Sat Jul 7, 2018 9:02AM
text At Least 6 of Trump's 7 Supreme Court 'Pro Life' Candidates are Pro Death Executioners by Elect Supreme Court Justices
Of execution promoting Federalist Society's. Leonard Lee's and Trump's 'pro life' candidates, the 5 men are known executioners in actuality or advocacy Joan Lawsen is on the 6th Circuit, an execution court and in the Bush administration suppressed the truth of US government causation of the bombing of the World Trade Center.
Posted: Thu Jul 5, 2018 9:59AM
text Interview with Social Philosopher Friedhelm Hengsbach by Friedhelm Hengsbach
The financial markets have uncoupled from the real economy since the middle of the 1970s. Politicians listen and react to every sound from the financial sector. The state allows itself to be extorted by the different lobby groups. Who paid for the bank bailout? The general public or the state made itself poor, guaranteed capital and took over toxic securities...
Posted: Thu Jul 5, 2018 3:18AM
text What to a Slave is the 4th of July? by Remember Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass (1818-1895), former slave, abolitionist, US consul to Haiti and much more, gave a famous speech on July 5, 1852, indicting the hypocrisy of this country when slavery still existed....
Posted: Wed Jul 4, 2018 2:27AM
text Toxins In Hot Dogs, Sausage, And Cold Cuts Besides Lips, Snouts, And Uteri by AV
What's in hot dogs: Lips Snouts Ground Up Hooves Eyelashes Tails Mad Cow and Mad Pig Spinal Cords and brain tissue, ground up uteri, eyeballs, intestinal mucosa, and slop from the slaughterhouse floor...
Posted: Tue Jul 3, 2018 6:28AM
text One Cup Of Toxic Brew: Side Effects Of Coffee by FN
Coffee is correlated to pancreatic cancer, causes frequent urination, speeds up heartbeat, harms optic nerves, is a factor in placental abruptions, makes people angry in traffic etc. Coffee's dixoypurine is addictive. The acrylamide created by roasting is carcinogenic. It acidifies the body causing ulcers. Nevertheless Tara Narula on CBS Morning News shilled for coffee industry related studies alleging up to 8 cupsof coffee a day are good for a person....
Posted: Tue Jul 3, 2018 6:00AM