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Wednesday Apr 16
6:30PM Film Screening - Fandry - India's Most Acclaimed...
6:30PM Film: "Precious Knowledge"
7PM Film "Standing Army"
Friday Apr 18
9AM Exhibit Begins: The Carnation Revolution
Tuesday Apr 22
1PM Art of the Carnation Revolution
1PM Exhibit/Lecture: Art of the Carnation Revolution
2PM San José Peace & Justice Center Archives...
Wednesday Apr 23
4PM The Ann Lucas Lecture Series -- "Fresh Fruit,...
Friday Apr 25
7PM Where Soldiers Come From
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Student from Santa Cruz Files $5 Million Claim against SJSU after Dormitory Hate Crimes Donald Williams Jr., a black student at San Jose State University and a resident of Santa Cruz, filed a $5 million claim on March 19 against the institution, which alleges breach of contract, breach of duty, negligence, and violation of the Unruh Act. The claim stems from alleged hate crimes committed against Williams in his SJSU dorm room by three of his housemates in the Fall of 2013.

In February, an independent fact finding report was released that outlined the incidents. The report states that the series of events occurred over the course of the semester, between late August and early October of 2013, and the University became aware of the Victim’s situation on October 13. Williams' parents were visiting their son's accommodations on that date when they observed a Confederate flag in the common area and a racial slur written on a whiteboard. Williams' parents then reported their observations to the Resident Assistants (“RA”) on duty. Additional incidents were subsequently revealed: Williams had a bicycle U-lock forcibly placed around his neck, which injured him, and he was also barricaded in his bedroom by the suspects.

After the incidents became public, large protest rallies were held at the university organized by the SJSU Black Student Union, which demanded change at the university, including protecting its African American studies courses.

imc_pdf.gifRead More | See Also: imc_pdf.gifSJSU Releases Hate Crime Report | San Jose State University Hate Crime Deplorable
Protest Inside and Outside Hewlett-Packard Shareholders' Meeting On March 19, a group of more than 60 protesters demonstrated at the Hewlett-Packard shareholders' meeting because of its business dealings with the Israeli military. They said HP is complicit in oppressing Palestine because it makes the technology for biometric cards that contain large amounts of data on the card carrier. Those cards are used by Israel to segregate and discriminate against Palestinians.

While protesters sang and chanted loudly in front of the Santa Clara Convention Center, some members of the "Stop HP Coalition" inside the shareholders' meeting introduced a proposal calling for an in-depth look at HP's dealings with the Israeli military and its human rights abuses. Although the measure was defeated by 83%, speakers in favor of the proposal, including two Presbyterian (USA) ministers, pressed their case, forcing HP CEO Meg Whitman to acknowledge it; Whitman said that the company "will look into this."

Human rights activists who organized the day's events say the task ahead is to get HP to agree to keep their commitments to meet with the coalition and to look into the issues brought forward. The Coalition to Stop HP includes: The American Friends Service Committee, Jewish Voice for Peace: Bay Area, South Bay and Santa Cruz chapters, Global Exchange, UC Berkeley Students for Justice in Palestine, Northern California Friends of Sabeel, and San Francisco Veterans for Peace.

photo Photos: 1 | 2

Jewish Voice for Peace | Friends of Sabeel | San Francisco Veterans for Peace | American Friends Service Committee
On March 1, urban farmers demonstrated at Sprouts grocery chain locations in Petaluma, Fremont, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View. The farmers oppose plans to develop the Gill Tract. Boycott Sprouts is asking shoppers to patronize other stores until Sprouts backs away from the development deal. On March 5, the Albany City Council approved paving six acres of the Gill Tract. In response to the council's vote, Occupy the Farm has called for a rally on March 12.
Lively protests took over McDonald's restaurants in the Bay Area on December 5 as part of a nationwide series of actions organized by Fast Food Forward, a joint effort by community and labor groups. Young workers in Oakland celebrated and danced as much as they protested, and a raucous rally was held in San José. The rallies demanded a $15 an hour minimum wage for fast-food workers.
Protesting Monsanto with La Defensa del Maiz San José Called organismo modificado genéticamente or organismo transgénico in Spanish, genetically modified organisms (GMO) were the topic of the day on October 12, in conjunction with a global day of action. Members of La Defensa del Maiz San José gathered in front of San Jose City Hall to protest Monsanto's corporate control of food.

Sergio Nesaulakoyotl Martinez of La Defensa shook a sheath of black corn and called out "Adelante! Forward!" for victory over Monsanto's "heinous rule." While some speakers called out for labeling, others said, "ban the GMOs and jail the corporate criminals!"

La Defensa del Maiz San José was joined by the Raging Grannies (Las Abuelitas Enojadas), members of the San Jose Peace and Justice Center, and others concerned for food safety. Food Not Bombs provided lunch. Also speaking at the event were representatives of the Green Party and Move to Amend. Barry Chang of Cupertino, who is running for political office, summed up the sentiment of the protesters saying, "corporations lie."

imc_photo.gifRead More with Photos
As the U.S. government marched towards war with Syria in late August, anti-war groups and activists across the state responded with two weeks of emergency demonstrations. The ANSWER Coalition organized a series of protests, and actions were planned for the offices of Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer. Events were also held at well known anti-war protest locations such as Peace Crossroads in San Jose and on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz.
San Jose Justice for Trayvon Martin Demos Continue, More Actions Planned On August 6, San Jose Justice for Trayvon Martin held a rally at San Jose City Hall, followed by a march downtown where the group circled the federal building. San Jose Justice for Trayvon Martin is "a local mass multi-issue campaign made up of San Jose and larger Silicon Valley community members acting in support of the larger Movement of Justice for Trayvon Martin and Marissa Alexander."

San Jose Justice for Trayvon Martin has adapted the following Demands from Justice 4 Trayvon Martin, Los Angeles: Federal Charges against Zimmerman; FREE Marissa Alexander; No More New Jail and Prison Construction; End Gang Injunctions & Database; and Community Control Over All Law Enforcement With an Elected Civilian Review Board.

It was announced that the next big event planned by San Jose Justice for Trayvon Martin will be a town hall meeting held in September.

videoimc_photo.gifRead More with Photos and Video | Draft Statement by Justice For Trayvon Martin - San Jose

Previous Coverage:
Trayvon Martin Solidarity Demos Sweep Bay Area
Following the acquittal of Trayvon Martin's killer, George Zimmerman, on July 13, hundreds took to the streets in Napa, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francsisco, San Jose, and Santa Cruz. At rallies, candle light vigils, and marches, community members have called for justice for Trayvon and an end to the racial profiling and police abuses that occur on a day-to-day basis across the country. Demonstrations for justice continue locally and nationally.
Joining a global day of protest against Monsanto and the genetically modified food it produces, protesters rallied in the cities of Merced, San José, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco on May 25. Around the world protests were held in more than 400 cities, giving popular voice to the growing outrage over Monsanto's agribusiness practices that put small farmers out of business and public health at risk.
Black Berets Walk for Peace through the Barrios of San Jose On March 23, the San Jose Black Berets por la Justicia organized a walk through the city of San Jose, in unity and prayer for the love of the community. The walk began at Lincoln High School, site of the first Barrios Unidos conference, with a sunrise ceremony.

The Walk for Peace is a spiritual peace walk continuing the Black Berets' four directions ceremonies, and there were four stops/ceremonies in San Jose. The first was at juvenile hall, then on to Backdesto Park, Plata Arroyo Park, with the final ceremony being held at Mexican Heritage Plaza. The events are organized twice a year, and the idea is to walk in a good way to honor, and hopefully bring some peace, to those that have died through colonization and all of the resulting traumas that afflict the community, including gang violence, alcoholism, violence against women, and more.

"We believe in the power of the people to create positive and lasting change. This is why we call for unity and dialog against violence across all nationalities and cultures," The Black Berets said in a press release for the walk.

Idle No More Supporters Round Dance at Azteca Mexica New Year Celebration in San Jose Supporters of the Idle No More movement participated in a round dance during the final day of the Azteca Mexica New Year Ceremony and Celebration on March 17 at Emma Prusch Park in San Jose. "We have been using these round dances to call attention to our Earth, and to call for fighting the corporations, fighting our government, and to protect this Earth as indigenous people," Lakota Harden said to the group before the round dance began.

The theme of this year's Azteca Mexica New Year Celebration was Ce Calli, or "One House". Organizers of the Idle No More round dance noted in their event announcement that, "The Prophecy of the 'Eagle and Condor' is only becoming stronger."

"There is another way. We have lived another way for thousands of years, in harmony with our Mother Earth and all living things, and we do not need to destroy them to survive," speaker Paul Flores said before the round dance began.

imc_photo.gifimc_video.gifRead More with Photos and Videos | Idle No More
As he begins his 37th year of wrongful imprisonment, Native American leader and activist Leonard Peltier will be honored on Tuesday, June 26th with singing and drumming on Ohlone land at Theodore Lenzen Park in San Jose. Community members will discuss what can be done to secure Peltier's release from prison.
Tue Jun 19 2012 (Updated 06/20/12) Tour of Shame Culminates at Apple Store in Palo Alto
The first recorded Father's Day commemoration was in remembrance of a mining disaster that brought attention to the plight of working people and unsafe working conditions across the US, when hundreds of fathers died in a mine in West Virginia in 1908. With the holiday's origins in mind, members of the San Jose and Redwood City Occupy groups performed mic check demonstrations at branches of various corporate entities on the San Francisco Peninsula that have a record of anti-labor practices.
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6:30PM Wednesday Apr 16 Film: "Precious Knowledge"
7PM Wednesday Apr 16 Film "Standing Army"
7PM Friday Apr 25 Where Soldiers Come From
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