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San Francisco | Police State and Prisons

Mission Rally against Police Shooting Tonight (video)
by Anonymous freedom-lover :)
Friday Sep 21st, 2012 12:51 AM
Video and Summary from Anti-Police Brutality Rally held in the Mission District tonight.
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vid_20120920_234840.3gp (4.7MB)

According to local sources (and you can check the corporate news online), a kid was shot at least twice maybe three times in the back running away from undercover SFPD tonight around 8pm. Corporate media is spreading gossip that the kid had a gun (of course) and that he was a "gang member." More news is coming out over time, but I have my severe doubts about the "official story"

Anyway, a group of protesters, some dressed in black (oh no!) marched down Valencia Street to the police station there and spray-pointed the word "killers" poignantly across the front glass door. The door was shoved open my a plain clothes cop who was obviously scared as shit and tried to kick the tagger exchanging paint for physical violence. Nice work SFPD.

Soon there was a sound of dozens of cop cars screeching down Mission to protect their little police branch. The march continued down as the parade of police vehicles followed, obstructing all traffic for many blocks and freaking out the local poets reading on the street corner.

By 11pm police donned full riot gear and formed lines around the BART plaza while people chanted "What Do You Call A Murderer? ...SFPD!" and "Three Times--- Shot Him In The Back!" Crowds formed to watch as people started yelling to "hide your beers" and "the cops have shotguns around the corner!" Many in a very fearful state fled to nearby bars and nightclubs to find solace in their favorite alcoholic beverages. Others stayed outside to discuss the state of affairs in the world while the CBS video crews (finally) showed up to film the customary wingnut yelling at the line of riot police.

It will be interesting to see what happens as more information develops but without video footage from witnesses it is likely the police can make up any story they choose to. As far as the corporate media is concerned, they are saving Facebook tycoons bar hopping on Missions Street from gangbanging machine-gun-toting youth of color.

Now stand your ass up for that national anthem!