image Questioning before instead of after doesn't work either. (Comment On: Freedom Sleeper "No Assembly at City Hall Grounds at Night" cases Go to Court) by G
Norse and the rest of HUFF (and their legal resources) can not claim ignorance. For at least five years they have been warned about leading yet more soon-to-be-abandoned 'cannon fodder' into harms way, for yet more of their 'naughty kicks'. Before this protest they were warned. During this protest they were warned. And yet HUFF pulled the same old shit?! Did HUFF warn their cannon fodder, ahead of time, this time? In related news; there are growing, serious questions about Chris (now Commander X) and his very similar habit of getting others busted for similar naughty kicks/street cred. I'd guess X would be wise to avoid travel to #Ferguson, because people are talking, and they are sick and tired of X's shit.
Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:31AM