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Friday Oct 24
6PM Vigil in Solidarity with Disappeared Students in...
Sunday Nov 9
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Sunday Nov 23
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Santa Cruz Police Attempt to Discredit Leonie Sherman by Labeling Her an Anarchist Santa Cruz City Council Member Micah Posner writes: "In a shocking campaign development, Deputy Chief Steve Clark labeled Santa Cruz City Council candidate Leonie Sherman an "anarchist" on the evening news due to the fact that she hung a banner at the WTO protest 15 years ago. The courage and conviction that she displayed as part of this non-violent protest are just some of the reasons why Sherman will be an excellent City Councilmember. For those of you that don't remember the WTO protest, Sherman's action was part of a successful movement on the part of tens of thousands of activists in the US and abroad to end back room deals that encouraged the abuse of workers in the 3rd world."

Sherman has received endorsements from organizations including the Santa Cruz Sierra Club, Santa Cruz Desal Alternatives, and the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council.

Read More | Leonie Sherman for City Council | See Also: Santa Cruz Sierra Club Group Endorses Leonie Sherman and Bruce Van Allen for City Council
Conservation groups notified the National Marine Fisheries Service of their intent to sue the agency for delaying Endangered Species Act protection for the pinto abalone, an approximately six-inch snail with an iridescent inner shell that was once common in rocky, intertidal coasts from Alaska to Baja California.
Witnesses Report Excessive Use of Force by Santa Cruz Police Witnesses to the recent tasing and arrest of a man in Santa Cruz describe the incident differently from the account communicated by police through the reporting of the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Individuals on the scene report excessive force was used when officers with the SCPD arrested Oliver Howard near the Court House on Water Street on the afternoon of October 13. They say officers struck Howard with a baton, tased his bare body, piled on top of him, wrenched and twisted his limbs, and grinded his face and body into the ground, all unnecessarily.

Debra Ellis was driving on Water Street that afternoon on her way to a medical appointment when she observed what she called an "aggressive police officer" pursuing a man near the Court House who was backing up with his hands raised above his head. She immediately exited her car because she wanted to be a witness to what she thought could be an "escalation of violence" by the police officer. The officer's body language and facial expressions were "tense and angry," Ellis recalled. "I did not feel the man he was pursuing was dangerous or a threat to the officer or me."

Read More
Attending UC Santa Cruz Feels Like a Yes Vote for War Shortly before the Fall 2014 quarter was to commence at the University of California Santa Cruz, undergraduate student Marjorie Langdon decided to take a leave of absence from her studies. In a letter to administrators explaining the decision, Marjorie strongly denounced the UC system's connections to the military industrial complex.

Marjorie Langdon writes: "When I was writing my last paper for field study, it all clicked into place. I cannot morally continue as a student of UCSC while the institution is benefiting from the war; benefiting from the death of the very people I work so hard to help protect, save, and heal. The University of California’s intimate relationship with Lockheed Martin morally prevents me from continuing as a student of the institution."

"I cannot get the thought out of my mind that every assignment I turn in feels like a ‘yes’ vote for military action in the Middle East; every sentence I type reminds me of the thousands of innocent people, especially the children, American military weapons are killing; weapons that UCSC helps create. I can feel the pain of Muslims in my wakefulness. I can see their fear in my dreams. This is how deeply I feel the war on campus, to the point of physical and emotional pain."

Read More

See Also: imc_video.gifimc_photo.gifSanta Cruz Vigil for Iraq and Iraqis
Petition Initiated at UCSC Due to Inadequate Housing Also Opposes Upper Campus Expansion A petition started by a student at UC Santa Cruz is calling for Chancellor Blumenthal to take the necessary steps to provide adequate housing and transportation on the campus. The petition also calls out the university's plans for expansion, stating, "we also believe that building into Upper Campus is NOT an adequate solution to this problem and will only add to the over-enrollment issue."

"After this first week of Fall Quarter 2014 it is clear that the housing and transportation systems of UC Santa Cruz are inadequate for the volume of students needing access to campus," the petition states. Students are asking UCSC to improve its relationship with the local area, stating, "the University must utilize and increase their community relationships to help students find affordable housing. Many students are sleeping on couches, living in hotels, and are paying exorbitant rents for dilapidated or crowded housing."

Read More

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Community Members Oppose Construction of New McDonald's in Downtown Watsonville A petition has been circulated and community members are planning to attend the October 14 Watsonville City Council meeting to show their disdain for the approval of a new McDonald's restaurant in the historic downtown area of the city. "We can stop this from happening. Our children deserve better. Watsonville has moved forward, a McDonald's would be a huge step back," the petition states.

The Watsonville City Council voted on September 23 to approve the construction of the McDonald's, as well as the rezoning of the parcel to allow the new restaurant to operate a drive-through window 24-hours a day. Watsonville already has two McDonald's restaurants, and the area has struggled with higher than average obesity rates among its youth.

Organizers are encouraging people to bring posters, handouts, fact sheets, and whatever else will help convince council members that another McDonald's restaurant will in no way benefit the residents of Watsonville.

Tuesday, October 14: calendarWatsonville City Council Meeting: No to McDonald's in Downtown Watsonville

Sign the Petition: No to McDonald's in Downtown Watsonville
On October 9, Salinas Police Chief Kelly McMillin is scheduled to speak on a panel titled “Police Legitimacy in Communities of Color” presented by the Center for Conflict Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Under Chief McMillin’s command, four unarmed Salinas community members — all Latino men — were shot and killed by officers in a span of four months. Sin Barras, a group that works to eradicate the prison industrial-complex, authored a letter to the hosts requesting that they ask Chief McMillin to step down as a participant.
Frank Alvarado Sr. Speaks Out Against Salinas Police, Declares There Will Be Justice Following months of pressure by family members and the media, the Salinas Police Department announced that Brian Johnson and Scott Sutton were the officers that shot and killed Frank Alvarado on July 10. They were named in a press release that also listed the officers involved in the killing of three other Latino residents in East Salinas in 2014. Frank Alvarado Sr., Frank's father, and sister Angelica Garza, spoke out at a press conference held at City Hall on October 1, stating that justice would be served, if not in Salinas, then at the Supreme Court. Alvarado Sr. asserted, "If they don't do it right here, it can go to the Supreme Court, and believe it or not, justice is going to get done."

Activist Margaret Serna Bonetti was satisfied the Salinas Police Department decided to finally release the names, but said the delay was never justifiable.

audioimc_photo.gifRead More with Photos and Audio

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Previous Coverage: Protesters Confront Salinas Police Chief at Bookstore Appearance in Santa Cruz || Demonstration in Salinas turns into Copwatch-in-Action || Rally in Salinas Demands Justice for Frank Alvarado, Killed by Salinas Police || Police Officers Kill Fourth Person in East Salinas: Frank Alvarado || Families, Residents and Statewide Supporters Fight for Justice in Salinas || Salinas Police Kill Three People in Last Three Months
Santa Cruz Dream Inn Workers Rally for a Fair Contract On September 26, workers held a rally at the Santa Cruz Dream Inn to demand a fair contract with meaningful wage increases. Dream Inn workers are presently without a contract and have been negotiating with the hotel for months. Owners are proposing they take a three-year wage freeze followed by 1% and 2% raises in the fourth and fifth years. "We can barely support ourselves now and the Dream Inn wants to make it worse over the next five years," read a flyer handed out to hotel guests at the rally.

Workers demanding a fair contract at the Santa Cruz Dream Inn include everyone from room cleaners to bell persons, as well as servers, cooks and banquet staff from Aquarius, the hotel's restaurant. Many of those participating in the rally did so on breaks from work and while still wearing their Dream Inn uniforms.

"In this community it is very hard to live over here without wages," said Sergio Rangel, an organizer with Unite Here! Local 483, the labor union that represents hotel, restaurant, and hospitality workers in the Monterey Bay area. Rangel said they would be back "again, again, and again," until the company's owners, "do the right thing." During contract negotiations held with the Dream Inn several years ago, workers had already agreed to take wage concessions because the economy was doing so poorly at the time. According to Unite Here! these are different times now, and business at the hotel has picked up. The workers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, Rangel said.

imc_video.gifimc_photo.gifRead More with Photos and Video | Unite Here! Local 483
After a lively debate, Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom (HUFF) voted to endorse a "mellow" but visible presence on the corner of Laurel and Center Streets in front of the Santa Cruz Police Department parking lot. Since 2013, HUFF has received complaints about officer Barnett of the SCPD targeting homeless residents for minor offenses, and the organization pressed the department to release the citations he has issued.
On August 29, the California Coastal Commission on August 29 sent a letter to the developer of the Monterey Bay Shores Resort, Ed Ghandour, informing him his response to the requirements of the conditional Coastal Development Permit (CDP) was deficient. The Coastal Commission tentatively approved the development in April, after years of opposition from environmental groups. Monterey Bay Shores is planned to be built along a pristine stretch of coastal dunes in Sand City, and at risk is a population of Western snowy plovers, a federally threatened species who nest and raise their broods in the footprint of the proposed resort.
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