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Draining the Swamp? Or fill it with toxic stew of Banksters and Bigots?
by DLi
Thursday Dec 1st, 2016 3:20 AM
!So, it didn't take long...Even before the "President-select" is to be chosen by the archaic and un-democratic Electoral College on December 19 as the next WHO(White House Occupier), and weeks before any "draining of the Swamp" can start pumping, it seems the swamp is already being filled with a toxic sludge of Goldman Sachs vulture(s) and bigoted Alt-Right advocate(s)!
Ah, the real logic of the "Feed the Greed" Chumpism is emerging with each new appointment to his gold-plated Cabinetry. With his latest pick of a mega-Vulture Capitalist straight from the den of Goldman Sachs banksters, the presumed "Chumpster-in-Chief" has revealed the complete fraudulence of his so-called anti-Wall Street gangsterism. No more Mr. Nice Guy(sorry, my mistake, there was never a Nice Guy in the "You're Fired!" enunciator!), it's now Full Steam the glorious Privatization Paradise! As they say on Wall Street, when the going gets tough, the tough gets to gorge on the Public Trough! It's now the untrammeled the Dictatorship of the Profitariat in these (dis)United States. Hurray to the Age of the Tyranny of the Minority, where the LOSER of an election--by no less than 2,000,000 votes--can be selected as the WINNER and set to become POTUS 45.

Was the orgy in Rome this delirious before its Fall?