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Eviction Without Reason
by Aimee Inglis
Wednesday Sep 3rd, 2014 10:21 AM
If it was your eviction, Bruce would have your back. He has fought hard for other tenants in his community, now he's facing eviction. Send a letter now to demand his eviction notice be withdrawn. http://bit.ly/MercedJustCause

Bruce Shand is a disabled tenant at the Tioga Apartments in Merced. He has lived in his home for over a decade and always pays his rent on time. He went to bat for his neighbors several months ago when management at the Tioga issued 3-day eviction notices to all tenants in the building. Thanks to Bruce and other tenant leaders, the notices were rescinded and the building has formed the Tioga Resident Association.

Now Bruce Needs Your Help

On July 30, 2014, the management served a 60-day notice on Bruce and did not specify a reason for his eviction. Unfortunately, under current state law tenants have little protection against this kind of notice, so we must stand together to pressure management to rescind Bruce's eviction.

Under California State Law, landlords are not required to give tenants a reason for eviction (if they are not currently in a lease). Why are Merced tenants subject to eviction FOR NO REASON? Arbitrary evictions like this should be illegal. Merced passed the Central Valley’s only just cause for eviction law, but Mayor Thurston and Councilmembers Murphy and Pedroza teamed up to repeal it shortly after taking office. This has left all Merced residents in danger of no-fault, arbitrary evictions.

There is strength in numbers. Will you join us?

Send a letter NOW to the Tioga owner and manager and demand that Bruce's eviction notice be withdrawn: http://bit.ly/MercedJustCause