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Obama's Reactions To Ukraine Neo-Nazis and Domestic 'Bundy Thugs' Completely Consistent
by John Thielking
Friday May 2nd, 2014 2:33 PM
Below is a comment that I posted on Facebook concerning the complete lack of any contradiction in logic between Obama's treatment of domestic terrorists at the Bundy Ranch and his embracing of Neo-Nazi thugs in The Ukraine. The comment was in response to an article from Daily Kos that appeared in my news feed.
Chris Hedges did a good job on a recent episode of The Big Picture on, youtube and hulu explaining that the Bundy thugs are part of a historical trend where the US govt often looks the other way when right wing militia groups do their thing, especially if they are helping the US govt put down Left wing protestors who are trying their best to have a nonviolent demonstration. Of course the cops crack down much more harshly and much more frequently on the Left wing protestors, such as Occupy. Don't kid yourself. If Occupy protesters brought guns to their GA's the police would react by committing a massacre.

Waco was not justified by any stretch of the imagination. But an action that resembled Waco would be justified in this case of the Bundy thugs terrorizing everyone in sight. The fact that the US govt does not assault the Bundy thugs lays bare the lie that we have a two party system where Obama is part of the former opposition who would oppose these right wing tactics. At least Obama is being consistent. He fully supports the neo-Nazi thugs in the Ukraine. So the fact that he supports similar groups within the US should not be a surprise.