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Title: Rally on Mission Safeway to Label GMOs!
START DATE: Friday March 07
TIME: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location Details:
Santa Cruz Safeway
2111 Mission St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Event Type: Protest
Hi Santa Cruz GMO-Free folks,
Hope you join me and CALPIRG activists to rally on Safeway to Label GMOs!
~Tarah Locke, Founder of GMO-Free Santa Cruz


What: A press conference/petitioning event calling on Safeway to label GMOs in their store brand products. Consumers will be calling on Safeway to label their products and there is also a shareholder resolution filed by Green Century Fund, which will come up at Safeway's Shareholder meeting in May. We will be dropping off petitions at 10-15 different stores the same day.

March 7th 10:30 am

Santa Cruz
2111 Mission St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

1444 Shattuck Pl
Berkeley, CA 94709

San Diego
1702 Granet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109

Activists from CALPIRG and CALPIRG Students holding signs and petitioning
GMO-Free Santa Cruz Volunteers

Quick Summary

On March 8th, the anniversary of Whole Foods’ decision to honor customers’ wishes and adopt labeling of all products in their stores, we’ll hold press events calling on our grocery-chain targets to follow suit. We’ll highlight the grassroots product we’ve generated so far, and release a white paper compiling the growing number of companies taking action on GMOs.

Background: On March 8th, 2013, Whole Foods became the first major grocery chain to commit to GMO labeling of every product in its stores – a goal which it expects to achieve by 2018. This is perhaps the most high-profile of a recent spate of stories about companies responding to customer concerns about GMOs by either adopting better disclosure policies, or removing GMO ingredients from food products (for example, the removal of GMO ingredients from Cheerios).

This anniversary provides a perfect opportunity for us to draw media attention to our corporate campaign work – we’ll have good grassroots product, including petitions and coalition partners, to add heft to our call for these stores to adopt labeling. And to help show that there’s a strong business case for our targets to respond to customer demand, we’ll release a white paper that compiles the recent actions companies have taken on GMOs, including:

· General Mills taking Cheerios GMO-free.
· Post similarly going GMO-free with Grape-Nuts.
· Chiptole eliminating GMO ingredients in its food.


New 2014 California Label GMOs Legistlation:
What you can do:
CALL or VISIT your legislator now URGING them to endorse SB 1381!
Keep the conversation going. Tell everyone you know its our fundamental right to know, giving us the opportunity to make informed choices.
Visit http://labelgmos.org

Tarah Locke, Founder of GMO-Free Santa Cruz

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