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Office of Oakland Police Attacked in Fruitvale
by some angry anarchists
Friday Feb 14th, 2014 1:09 PM
Glass door shattered at OPD Office in Fruitvale
In the early hours of February 8th, the glass door of an OPD Office in Fruitvale was shattered. Joy in our hearts at seeing the symbols of authority smashed, we fled into the darkness under cover of rain.

Our aim was to demonstrate that action, however small, is both possible and desirable.

We dedicate this action to the rebels in Durham, North Carolina who have repeatedly taken to the streets in outrage against the killer pigs who murdered a young man, Chuy Huerta, in the back of a cop car last year. Weapons in hand, we attacked for Chuy.

Its easy to attack!
From the West Coast to Down South, Fuck The Police!

some angry anarchists
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