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Parlier Police Department: A Chief in trouble.
by Raul
Wednesday Feb 12th, 2014 9:13 PM
Chief of Police David Cerda is just the next in a long line of corrupt Chief's in the City of Parlier. Another clown who plays favorites, has cost the City thousands of dollars paying outside investigators to conduct investigations on officers he doesn't like and so on. Not a leader and has no ethics, morals or values. Time for new blood. An outsider I think.
I have worked for a large fruit processor for many years in Parlier and recently bought a home here. I am concerned with the goings on at the police department over the last year or so.

I moved my family from Fresno due to high crime and to be closer to work. I was bothered by the letter to the editor two weeks ago from the Chief of Police talking about making police reports. I shouldn’t have to go “online” to file a report. I pay taxes for police services and my expectation is when I report a crime, an officer responds. Parlier is a small, tight nit community. The police management should recognize this and respond accordingly.

I have family in law enforcement and have spoken with some of our local officers. Officers are very concerned about the recent allegations of misconduct by the Chief of Police. These officers still come to work every day and do the absolute best job they can for us. These officers deserve better from the police administration and city leaders. It’s time for decisive action by our elected leaders. Change is needed. A Chief of Police as any manager should not “choose sides” and play favorites. They should be an impartial, unbiased “leader”. The Chief’s letter to the editor this week discussing internal issues was an embarrassing act of desperation. Not a hint of compassion or legitimate reassurance.

The police department is our 24 hour representative of local government. We call the police department for many non-police issues. Our officers and staff of the police department deserve a leader, not just a manager. Opportunities potentially abound this election year for our police department through Measure S, if it passes.

Let’s be ready and prepared, not just react.
by Dan Waterhouse, Newslink
Thursday Feb 13th, 2014 7:40 AM
That's decided it doesn't have the officers to waste time sending them to document insurance claims. I applaud the chief. He's merely following a trend of many departments. Fresno PD quit sending cops to many types of calls beginning in the 1970s. Most theft reports were taken by phone, now on line. Ditto for vandalism, missing persons, and such. PD quit writing non injury accident reports in the early 1980s.

Parlier is a pathetic joke as a city, and has been for decades. It's almost on the same scale as Orange Cove. Both towns resemble a third world country with boss rule. I wonder whose toes the chief stepped on.

by Gabriel P.
Thursday Feb 13th, 2014 10:34 AM
The simple fact is that the City of Parlier is like a 3rd world country, as the other person commented. Most of the citizens do not have computer access or to the internet. The "Online" reporting is a PDF form on the City's web page. You would have to print it out, fill it out and deliver it to the Parlier Police Department during their business hours Mon-Thur. That is even if you can read and or write in English, or even at all. The City is based on farm labor, who fall victim to the City's major gang population. Without Police contact the field labor works most likely will not report a petty crime because they don't have access to the technology to report it. It is easy to report crime is down when no one is taking reports.

There are a number of area's where crime stats come from. However, the big factor in that comes from how many reports are being generated by Officers and or the department. If officers are not productive and or the access to the reporting process become more difficult the crime stats will drop but still be ramped, its just not getting reported. At this point I don't believe anyone should be applauded at the department except the beat officers who have to live, breath and try to survive through the thick political drama that has played out within the City of Parlier in a violent work environment. It's not toes that got stepped on its the performance of the City Management or lack of.

A severely depleted patrol staff doesn't help the situation any. Less officers on the streets, kills department moral and the spirits of the officers having to work in a violent City with less officers to assist them. In February 2012 Chief David Cerda promoted three new Sergeants, then two weeks later lays off three full time police officers. How is this a sound management decision. With what was reported at the City Council meeting by a former officer of Parlier Police Department, there are many more issues going on the general public doesn't know. But it seems the council and City Manager does.

I agree with the article in new blood is needed. The department has a lot of good honest Police officers, but just like all departments there are a couple of bad apples that spoil the bunch. It's the actions of the management staff to remove the bad apples and not protect them because they are personal friends or just likes them as a person. There can be good people who are bad police officers. Being a Chief is a lonely job but action is a must when criminal activity or misconduct is occurring within the police officer ranks.
by pia uras
Thursday Jul 24th, 2014 10:20 PM
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