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Title: Near Term Extinction
START DATE: Tuesday February 18
TIME: 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Location Details:
Humanist Hall
390 27th Street
uptown Oakland, between Telegraph and Broadway
Event Type: Speaker
Contact NameFlorence
Email AddressHumanistHall [at] Gmail.com
Phone Number510-681-8699

with Florence Windfall

Climate change is proceeding at a breakneck pace all around the world! One aspect of climate change is the dissolution of the Earth’s biosphere. The biosphere was created by life to support life on Earth. It used to be a holistic environment that nurtured diverse forms of life in every nook, crack, corner, crevice, and open space existing on Earth. Now that the biosphere is disintegrating — dying — we humans are experiencing all kinds of freak climate and extreme weather phenomena that we’re unaccustomed to. And so it shall be all around the world as climate change rages out of control. It’s out of control because it has passed at least 25 tipping points which climate scientists warned us about even back in the 20th century.

Tipping points are the points of no return of various destabilized features of the Earth’s climate called “Positive Feedbacks” or “Positive Feedback Loops.” These tipping points signify the point at which there is no reversal, no going back, to the previous life-friendly climate. Today’s unstable, violent climate, destroying the biosphere as it is, kills some 200 species every single day. The human being is on the extinction list because the Earth’s new climate, once stabilized after its out-of-control run, will be too hot for life to exist. Florence will elucidate 25 of the impending and/or passed tipping points one by one. She derives her information about climate science from the research and original interpretations of Guy McPherson whose website is Nature Bats Last and she understands it better from the lucid explanations of Robin Westenra through his blog, Seemorerocks. She is ever grateful for their important work speaking up about near term extinction — in person and on the internet — around the world.

Come and hear what Florence has to say and join in the discussions!

Humanist Hall is wheelchair accessible around the corner at 411 28th Street

$5 donations are expected.

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