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An Open Letter to Google Apologists
by babiesatemydingo
Saturday Dec 21st, 2013 1:42 PM
To all the yuppies who defend the Bay area tech industry after every googlebus protest:
Just for starters, STFU about googlebuses being good for the environment. By making commuting more comfortable and more productive they merely encourage employees to live further from their jobs than they otherwise would. If Google really wanted to make a dent in global warming they would do two things - allow their employees to work from home (the one perk they refuse to provide), and restrict the commuter buses to the immediate Mountain View area. This would help unclog rush hour traffic in Oakland and SF and greatly reduce the length of bus trips. Googledrones who insisted on living an hour or more from campus would find themselves having to leave earlier in the morning or stay later at night to make up for the lost production they previously accomplished on wifi-equipped buses. A few months of that would convince most of them to move the fuck out of Oakland.

Speaking of which, convincing yuppies to move the fuck out of Oakland is the whole point of the protests. Getting rid of the yuppies is the only way to bring rents down to where poor people can afford them. When you complain that protesters "haven't thought things through" or are being "counterproductive" you expose your ignorance. The guy who told KQED that he couldn't "like, get on the bus and feel safe about it" said it like it was a bad thing. It's not. The less safe you feel the more likely you are to leave.

Oh, and one last thing. NOBODY believes that Silicon Valley is going to come up with some magical technocratic solution that will miraculously cure the Bay area's real estate insanity. Y'all have been citing Tim Draper's wingnut idea to divide California into six different states as evidence that the tech industry is finally thinking about gentrification. SRSLY??? If that's what y'all come up with when you're thinking about the problem then PLEASE go back to ignoring it.

And to all y'all bus smashers, mad props and one small suggestion. Those rechargeable fire extinguishers filled with paint could come in real handy if aimed at a bus windshield. Especially if you use oil based paint for added resistance to washer fluid...
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