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In the Deptuy's Shoes
by Vanessa P
Thursday Dec 5th, 2013 12:53 PM
Taking a different look at the Andy Lopez shooting.
A police persons job is to protect the areas they patrol.
From a different perspective, I bring my views to life.
The unfortunate tragedy of a young teen, Andy Lopez, is something well known in my community. There are marches still occurring, because the people believe that justice has not been served. From the perspective of the family not having their son with them to share the holiday's must be horrible, but I think people need to also see from the perspective of the deputy and his job description of serving the public as a safety patron. Like I said it was a tragedy, that should not have happened because we lost a child in Sonoma County; but if the officer did not do his job (and Andy was carrying a real AK) many people in that neighborhood could have died. A real AK-47 is made to shoot multiple shots through cars, houses, etc. the deputy only had seconds to make a decision if he felt lives were in danger. Now I do not completely agree with the laws and some police tactics, but I do have to agree with protecting a neighborhood.

Children of this day are normalized to violence due to movies and video games. With these sort of tragedies happening, I do not see the video game developers toning down violence, or even making statements about the situations. We cannot shelter our youth into a perfect bubble, but we should be teaching them that violence is not the answer. Stores should not be selling toy guns, and parents should not being buying them for their children. A gun is not a toy! If we do talk about them, it should be about gun safety and ways to prevent this from continuing to happen.