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Are local community groups all beholden to TBSC?
by John E. Colby
Sunday Nov 24th, 2013 4:07 PM
After publicizing Freedom of Information (FOI) requests which expose potential fraud by local government and social service providers who I allege are abusing public compassion for the homeless, Santa Cruz politician Steve Pleich removed me (without warning or notice) from his Facebook group called Citizens For a Better Santa Cruz (CFAB SC).
Several homeless activists have complained that Pleich's Facebook group panders to Take Back Santa Cruz (TBSC) supporters — who spew anti-homeless bigotry and bait homeless activists on this group — while silencing those who speak up for the homeless and criticize local politicians.

First Robert Norse was removed by Pleich for criticizing TBSC and the Santa Cruz City Council. Now I have been removed. Brent Adams fears he will soon be removed too. How many other activists and TBSC critics will be removed from CFAB SC until it becomes just another forum for anti-homeless sentiment (dominated by TBSC members)?

This is another example of how TBSC has run a well planned campaign to subvert public forums and community discussion by essentially taking them over. Unfortunately seemingly well intentioned people like Pleich appear to have fallen victim to TBSC's efforts to dominate public discourse and reshape Santa Cruz to their liking.

This is how small, fringe groups overthrow legitimate governments, putting in place totalitarian regimes. I fear for Santa Cruz. The town I fell in love with has become a bastion of hatred and bigotry. TBSC has employed an effective campaign to use well meaning liberals for a hateful agenda which has poisoned our town.

Where will this end? Will we allow TBSC to Take Over Santa Cruz or will we fight for justice and free speech?