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In England, and Aufheben are working with the police
by From Non Fides
Friday Nov 8th, 2013 12:43 PM
For some time now a controversy (mainly in English) has been taking place concerning the Libcom site – a kind of online libertarian news platform – and Aufheben – a libertarian-communist review – close to the communising milieu, both from the United Kingdom.

The internet website is already well known in England for always having been against the insurrectionalist anarchists, sabotage, and the animal and earth liberation movements. It is also known for having tried to sabotage the solidarity campaign of the Anarchist Black Cross for the release of John Bowden, anti-authoritarian prisoner serving a long sentence in England [1].

In January 2011, a Greek communist group TPTG discovers that (Dr.) John Drury, one of the main editors of Aufheben was part of a team of scientists who regularly publish articles in English police newspapers and gives lectures to the police. This group of researchers specializes in police crowd control tactics and counter insurgency [2]. TPTG then send an open letter to the English, which they also circulate.

One would have thought that this character would have been disengaged from the anti-authoritarian milieu with kicks in the ass as a result of such revelations by the Greeks, but nothing happened. Instead Aufheben, along with the administration of Libcom, launched a campaign in defense of Dr. Drury. They also censured on Libcom any mention of the argument in order to stifle this “Aufhebengate”, arguing their “friendship” for the collaborator.

Therefore, as an anarchist website, we join the call launched by the Greek comrades and those seeking to expose this revelation beyond any censorship by the libertoid English intelligentsia, the same who were so quick to dissociate themselves in the bourgeois press from the English rioters of August 2011 when the prison sentences began to rain down. But when dealing with these vile people, it is not silence that should be opposed, but the outright exclusion from our real and virtual spaces and the impossibility of any dialogue with any collaborator with the police, communist and / or libertarian or not. May the wind that will ravage this world of cops and lucre [flics et fric] carry them with it. We call to spread the information widely (also in France).

Some contributers to Non Fides – Base de données anarchiste.


PS. On the subject, we recommend reading (English) very good text 'Cop-out: the significance of Aufhebengate.'