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Rally Against Monsanto GMO Corn
by Rubble
Monday Oct 14th, 2013 9:27 PM
On Sunday, October 6, a rally was held to protest Monsanto’s GMO corn at 24th and Mission in San Francisco, as a part of local actions leading up to a worldwide March against Monsanto on October 12. Monsanto’s GMO corn has taken over the corn market in the U.S. and proliferating in many other countries. In Mexico, GMO corn is threatening about 5 native strains of corn and putting subsistence farmers out of business. The rally was bilingual Spanish and English. Hear a native American speaker; the English part of a speech from a Latino speaker; and a speaker from Occupy Monsanto. (14 minutes)

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by Unity Jack for mother Earth
Monday Oct 14th, 2013 10:45 PM
When the First Canadian Division was in Germany in 1945, it told the Germans and Allied side that I.G. Farben, the Nazis Chemical Weapons Manufactury must be dismantled as a pseudo scientific function.

The U.S. Imperialist Army said no, it is a multi billion dollar chemical manufactury and will be kept. They then proceeded to name change the monopoly of the nazis to basf, bayer, and Hoekest and merge them with the U.S. Imperialist Chemical Warfare monopolies of Dow, Dupont, and Monsanto.

Since that time in 1945 to this day these six corporations have been waging a chemical war against the Ecological Organic Web-of-life globally. The Struggle to defeat Monsanto is a struggle for world liberation from the destruction of the chemical war machine globally.

Such is the supressed truth that is censored off the Monopoly Capitalist Media globally. What needs to be done is the dismantling of Monsanto and the distribution of its wealth to the farmer-peasant victums and the peoples who are forced to eat their contaminated sickening food. Info of their vicious extortions of their worker-farmer victims and their monies and properties throughout the globe.

Monsanto is taking away the peasant-farmer- worker decisions and freedoms to plante their home grown seeds. They use Genetic Engeneering such as terminal seeds to stop freedom of choice of the peoples to grow time honored peasant seeds.

That is too big a freedom to give up to such a pollution poisoning Corporation.

Workers of the world unite!! End poisoning of the food chain, end destruction of the peasant seed freedom. Ye yet have a world to win!!