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Happy Birthday Occupy!
by Darin
Friday Oct 11th, 2013 4:27 PM
A brief run-down of events at OGP on 10 10 13.
Occupy is going to have the terrible two's. We are such proud parent's actually. Teething, I want to be happy for Occupy, I know I cannot do this, the pain... oh the pain, it won't be fair, and kind of ugly to watch. Just the same, carry some rum or ginger to rub in occupy's gums as the year progresses . . . remember to smile more often and to try to be supportive, our young androgenon will soon have more bite and will be walking on its own soon also. Lots of hugs for our birthday global grassroots revolutionary network! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OCCUPY!!!

That was the good news. The bad news was that no one coordinated with Food Not Bombs to generate extra food for the main meal. However it was not really needed. Also bad was a low turn out. I didn't see enough flyers out, it was a word of mouth thing / thing on the internet. Although we had a consensus about a Bart strike action I think that there are other ideas / more coordination with solidarity with other groups such as Gezi, Athens, or Rio.

The videos shown however after dinner, and the consensus regarding BART were interesting, the slideshow regarding #OO photography was interesting, and there was a feeling of local community in the actual event itself that was an over all positive thing.

The cops were there in droves and they expected a higher turn out also.

Snow Park had been suggested as an alternative so that the 'stay aways' could join us.

I think having the official consensus process there for the event would emphasis solidarity and help drive our numbers up also.

I do not believe that we are putting our best feet forward here. Just the same it was pretty fun and nice to see us again.
by Darin Friday Oct 11th, 2013 4:27 PM