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Declare your own independence now
by Daily Love, via FB and SUN (nakity-owner [at]
Wednesday Sep 25th, 2013 10:39 AM
a PERSONAL declaration of independence?
Declare YOUR independence

“Let today be the day that you declare to yourself
that you have inalienable rights
and have the courage to stand up to
those in your life
who convince you otherwise.

If any of your relationships
do not promote your right to
‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,’
then do what we did in 1776 -- draw a boundary.

If any relationship becomes destructive,
it is your right to abolish it
and to create new relationships
which promote
Safety and Happiness.

A single act of defiance in the face of oppression created a whole
new country full of new-found possibility and freedom, in 1776.

And so it is with you:
if you are feeling the need for your own Declaration of Independence,
have the courage to stand up for what you need.

Who knows what kind of new life and possibilities are out there
just waiting for you to claim your right
and acknowledge that you deserve a better life?

What would have happened if our forefathers
hadn’t taken a stand?

If you are not in the flow of your happiness,
then abundance,freedom, creativity, joy and love
will not be yours.

And if you are not in alignment with the belief that
what you desire for yourself
you also desire for others,
then these gifts will evade you.

All beings are created equal
and deserve happiness.
Claim your right to happiness
and let go of trying to control others.

Give them the space
to find what they need and
give yourself the room
to do the same.”

* [ Preamble to the U.S. Declaration of Independence, 1776 ]

[ reprinted in: The Frisky Banner;
re-edited by SUN;
re-posted by SUN to ]