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Syrian American Activist Ramah Kudaimi: Dos and Don'ts for Progressives Talking About Syri
by KPFA Women's Magazine ( kpfawomensmag [at] gmail.com )
Thursday Sep 19th, 2013 4:45 PM
Syrian American activist Ramah Kudaimi discusses what leftists should know, do and NOT do about the uprising and conflict in Syria. Audio: 14:25
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Syrian American activist Ramah Kudaimi says progressives need to stop talking about Syria as Iraq redux, but learn about the actual history and people of Syria. While opposing U.S. intervention, Kudaimi says we need to put the blame for the devastation and enormous loss of life in Syria where it belongs, on the Assad regime, and not use rhetoric of "both sides are wrong" or "it's just a civil war and we should stay out of it."