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San Francisco | Animal Liberation

San Francisco fur shop vandalized
by Animal Liberation Front
Thursday Aug 22nd, 2013 6:55 PM
ALF claims credit for two incidents at San Francisco's B.B. Hawk fur store.
"Last week, a lone volunteer with the Animal Liberation Front paid a visit to B.B. Hawk Fur and Leather at 25 Division Street in San Francisco. A window was destroyed with glass etching cream. A police car drove by at slow speed so an exit was made before more damage could be done.

Two nights later, a return visit was made, and the etched window had not been replaced. This time, the window adjacent to it was shattered.

The horror of the fur industry speaks for itself. Fur is skin torn from a wild animal that was trapped or confined in a tiny space for the entirety of their life.

The animal liberation movement in the Bay Area has risen from its grave. Our movement will fight you with everything we have.