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Visiting Alligatorian Update for Peace on Earth
by NOT hating any humans
Monday Aug 19th, 2013 3:34 PM
Visiting extraterrestrial Alligatorians wish to live on Earth in harmony with the humans, though are unable to understand ongoing conflicts over religion and nationality. Message for Peace on Earth urges humans to abandon militarism and think collectively as a species placing the interests of ecosystems on Earth before nationalism, religion or other self-constructed differences.

Does the U.S. government fear the reptoids?

Yes. They (and all governments) try to cover up the greys and the reptoids because they want to maintain control over humans. The Alligatorians (A's) want humans to think "as a species" and detroy ALL political and religious divisions between other humans. Governments perpetuate conflict and nationalism, the greatest enemies of human unity. This is part of evolution and division is just another obstacle for humans to overcome.

Do A's prefer capitalism or communism?

Neither. They don't want humans to maintain currency and return to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle with electro-magnetic guns to hunt wild game animals (deer, elk, pronghorn, bison, jackrabbits, etc...) that will be restored to pre-columbus conditions. No more domestic animals in cages or CAFOs as these spread disease. The A's demand a clean Earth free of prions and bacteria found in feedlots. All CAFOs, feedlots and slaughterhouses will be vacated of living beings and then the A's will lasso an asteroid and drop in on the site, creating high intensity heat to destroy the prions. The crater will then be roped off to all life forms until several years of UV radiation cleanse the soil.

The Alligatorians don't want to be feared by the humans though the current system of human governments are flawed and need to be replaced by local community control, a "return to the village"

The wilderness in Earth can produce bison, deer, elk and many other animals rendering the current food production system irrelevent. Food should all be free range wild animals hunted by bow and arrow or electromagnetic guns and plants grown outside or near the villages in gardens.

Nor do the Alligatorians "hate" Chris Brown for being an abusive human and wish him well in his new single life. There is no need for him to continue repeating mistakes by remaining with the same person and celebrities should try to keep their wits about them at all times as the human mind isn't able to cope with constant surviellence and adoration, it feeds narcisism. All humans can learn from the mistakes made by Chris Brown when he hit Rhianna and try to keep their egos in check no matter how great they imagine themselves to be. This includes global leaders and politicians, try to keep the pride and nationalism to a minimum.

Monogamy is bad for all mammals, including humans. Only birds practice monogamy in nature, so unless you're sprouting feathers please reconsider the wisdom of marriage. It goes against the entire history of mammalian evolution.

Five separate human religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism) all claim to be the correct religion. Either all five religions are correct or all five religions are wrong. Since all five major religions are in disagreement with one another then it follows that they cannot all be correct. The latter option prevails by use of logic, all five major human religions are wrong and flawed belief systems.

Alligatorians do not practice religion and only work for the planet, the species and the self as a member of the species. It isn't sensible to fight one another over religions that lack any evidence of their correctness. The survival of the human species is not influenced by which religion wins, you only win collectively as a species, not through division.

Your Earth is sacred and all life forms on Earth are sacred. The sacredness of life on Earth is the only belief system that you humans will need in the future and this would help restore collective human sanity from decades of warfare and conflict.

Learn to think as a species and the gift of telepathy will be restored to those humans who become open to it's possibility. Beware of intrusions as the Greys also practice telepathy and not every thought is from another human or an Alligatorian.

PLEASE DO NOT follow voices or thoughts that urge violence! This is MK ULTRA (II) programming and is targeting sensitive individuals.

The Alligatorians cannot force the humans to act and wish for them to voluntarily cease their self destructive patterns of warfare and pollution. However, shutting down the power grid is an option for the Alligatorians and they will do so if needed for the survival of Earth. The future generations of humans will appreciate this intervention as there will be no more cancer and diseases caused by toxic technologies.

The Earth can support humans and Alligatorians though the planet cannot sustain perpetual pollution and warfare, these will need to cease in order for the system to be allowed to continue.