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Title: Can The U.S. Stop Being The Global Cop?
START DATE: Sunday August 18
TIME: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location Details:
Stream or download at http://greatspeechesandinterviews.blogspot.com/ Broadcast at Access Sacramento, Sundays 6-8pm PDT at http://www.live365.com/stations/accesssacramento?site=pro
Event Type: Radio Broadcast
Contact Namesteve lerman
Email Addressgreat.speeches [at] yahoo.com
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Mark Schleifstein
Update on the Impact of the BP Oil Spill

More than 1,000 scientists and government officials met in New Orleans to share research on the effects of the 2010 BP oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico. Steve Curwood talks to Mark Schleifstein, a reporter for the Times Picayune, about what scientists have learned.
Source: Living On Earth: Research Update on the Impact of BP Oil Spill

Barry Posen
William C. Wohlforth
The Global Cop

For more than a half century, the United States has been the world’s big, globe-straddling superpower. Once again questions are being raised about whether the U.S. can still afford that role. Tom Ashbrook talks to Barry Posen and William C. Wohlforth.

Barry Posen is professor of political science and director of the security studies program at MIT. William C. Wohlforth is professor of government at Dartmouth College.
Source: On Point with Tom Ashbrook: Outlining A New Foreign Policy

Steve Brill
Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

Steve Brill has reviewed a handful of bills from hospitals around the country. He comments about the crazy thicket of high prices and hard-to-decipher codes that he discovered. He talks about what it means for the price of health care in America. For more information see Time Magazine: Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us By Steven Brill.
Source: Planet Money: Episode 439: The Mysterious Power Of A Hospital Bill

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