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Of "Chemtrails", The "Illuminati", Global Warming, and Trayvon Martin
by Steven Argue
Thursday Jul 25th, 2013 5:29 PM
"We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces." -Carl Sagan

Of "Chemtrails", The "Illuminati", Global Warming, and Trayvon Martin

by Steven Argue

I've removed another anti-Illuminati post from the Facebook Revolutionary Tendency (RT) page. This one was of the supposed chemtrail Illuminati conspiracy. In the past, posts claiming that Marx was in on the New World Order conspiracy and talking of the 12 blood lines of the Illuminati were also deleted.

So what's the problem?" some ask. ""After all, it's not as if the U.S. government isn't capable of doing things to hurt us." The lack of any real evidence is the problem. There is zero evidence of "chemtrails" being anything other than normal contrails produced by airplane exhaust.

The anti-Illuminati believe the Illuminati rule the world. Who the Illuminati are, however, seems to be a bone of contention. The anti-Illuminati have differing "theories" of how the Illuminati are Jews, Satanists, atheists, extra-terrestrials (with reptilian DNA), or Catholics based in the Vatican.

The actual Illuminati were established in 1776 in Bavaria and the organization ceased to exist in 1789. The meaning of the word "illuminati" is Latin for enlightened. Their purpose was to advocate ideals of enlightenment including gender equality, education for girls, and oppose superstition, religious control over society, and government abuses. The Bavarian government outlawed the group at the urging of the Catholic Church. After the destruction of the Illuminati, vilification of a mythical Illuminati began with the far right blaming the Illuminati for the French Revolution.

People like Alex Jones make a good living promoting lies. These include myths of chemtrails and the idea that Illuminati globalists control the world. Interestingly, most people who think that chemtrails are real, think that actual science, like global warming, is a hoax. These types of fake conspiracies come from the play book of fascist propaganda. They are used to confuse people, destroy confidence in science, and promote deities of pseudo-science and pseudo-journalism like Alex Jones.

Most capitalist conspiracies are hiding in plain sight. For instance, take a look at the money in any bourgeois election and one can see how the capitalists own this system. Or take a look at who owns the major media and one can see who runs the American propaganda machine. Fake conspiracies distract from the real ones.

This also creates a mindset that thinks that scientific consensus on something of importance like the deadly reality of man-made global warming could somehow be generated by a secret Illuminati cabal. All they need are some comparatively irrelevant e-mails between a couple scientists to "prove" their point.

Meanwhile, they ignore the real conspiracy of how the money of big oil shapes public opinion. It is big oil's money that helps decide which politicians get elected. It is also their money and advertising that helps shape what we hear in the corporate media. Through this corruption inherent in the capitalist system, those who profit from the destruction of the Earth are able to influence public opinion. They are able to make it appear that there is scientific debate on the reality of global warming, when there is not. They are also able to down play the scope and horror of the coming disaster of global warming when people should be fighting mad about doing something about it. In addition, they are able to portray the ruling Democrats who are part of the problem and failing to do much of meaning to stop this disaster as the champions for the cause of ending global warming.

This whole anti-Illuminati thing also has deep roots in antisemitism and racism. Today, there are a number of anti-Illuminati people who blame the movement against the racist murder of Trayvon Martin on the Illuminati. They claim that Trayvon Martin's father is Illuminati. From this, they actually make the leap that a young 17 year-old being stalked and murdered for no reason other than his race was all a set-up by the Illuminati.

In addition, according to their arguments, African American leaders are making a big deal about the Trayvon Martin case because they are all also Illuminati. Never mind the fact that people are outraged because George Zimmerman had no reason to be stalking Trayvon Martin other than the fact that he was Black. Never mind the fact that the capitalist courts literally let Zimmerman get away with murder. The outrage is all caused by the so-called "Illuminati".

The idea of some devilish secret cabal other than the capitalists, comprised of Jews, Black Skull and Bones, Illuminati, and Marxists secretly running everything and in on an oppressive New World Order comes from the rantings of far right fascists who have always looked for radical sounding excuses to murder socialists and confuse the working class.

-Steven Argue of the Revolutionary Tendency

Here is some information debunking "chemtrails" from the Skeptic Project:

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