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“The Truth and Humor of the Turkish Resistance” An Art Exhibit Highlighting The Uprising G
by repost
Friday Jun 28th, 2013 12:43 PM
There will be a multi-media photo art show with humor about the struggle to defend the Gezi movement and against the destruction of the park in Istanbul on July 29th and June 30th in San Francisco

“The Truth and Humor of the Turkish Resistance” An Art Exhibit Highlighting The Uprising Gezi Movement in Turkey

June 28, 2013 Contact: Ece Uslu: 415-676-0049
eceusslu [at] gmail.com

“The Truth and Humor of the Turkish Resistance”
An Art Exhibit Highlighting The Uprising Gezi Movement in Turkey

Turkish American Gezi Platform (TAGP)’s first exhibit a big success and displays a timeline of the recent events with photographs and video footage that have characterized the demonstrations in Turkey

San Francisco, CA – On Saturday, June 29, at DILEKSEZEN Studio in San Francisco, the Turkish American Gezi Platform (TAGP) premiered an exhibit of photos and footage of the recent Gezi Demonstrations that took place in Turkey.

“Turkey is the last bastion of a meaningful democracy and freedom in the Muslim Middle East.” said Bugra Bakan, President of TAGP, “if Turkey falls into chaos and Islamic fanaticism, the world would be a much more dangerous place”.

The exhibit was the first of its kind and brought together people from the Turkish American Community along with San Francisco Bay Area locals in support of the movement in Turkey for an improved democracy.

The exhibit illustrated how Turkish peoples’ right to their little park quickly turned into the Gezi movement - representing human rights, environmentalism and civil liberties. The movement has gained worldwide attention with its unique use of humor in resistance against police brutality.

Video footage and photographs taken by protestors in Istanbul and throughout Turkey that were on display piqued the interest of all attendees, from art lovers, to political supporters, and local residents alike.

TAGP aims to continue its efforts and to have an active role in raising awareness of the ongoing events and petition American political representatives to denounce oppressive Turkish government leaders.

TAGP stated that this initial exhibit will serve to be the first of a series of such events that will bring together those who are committed to true democracy. It is also the aim of TAGP to further improve freedom of speech and support a transparent government for all people of Turkey and elsewhere in the world.

About TAGP: An independent group of individuals united to support current Gezi Park Movements in Turkey, with the hope that these grassroots efforts will contribute to freedom, justice and democracy in Turkey. Find us on Facebook and Twitter: Facebook.com/TurkishAmericanGeziPlatform and Twitter.com/TAGeziPlatform and contact us by email contact [at] geziplatform.org.