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POTUS 44: Ich bin ein Drone Killer!
by DLi
Thursday Jun 20th, 2013 4:28 AM
50 years after President John F. Kennedy spoke in Berlin, the current White House Occupier(WHO)tried to tag onto JFK's oratory coattail. But this time, only a handpicked 4,000 people--amidst tight police presence--were in the audience. It was a far cry from 5 years ago, when candidate Obama attracted more than 200,000 curious--and mostly naive--young Germans who thought they would find a genuine Peace advocate and a champion of the oppressed. Sadly, the ugly reality of US Imperialism intruded...
Beset by the latest revelations of illegal and massive spying on common citizens, WHO resorted to half truths and outright lies to appease his skeptical European audience. But despite his claims of "modest encroachments on privacy, the truth is that the USA rogue state is committing massive spying on its own citizens, and on a scale that was not even imagined in the Nazi German police state. Worst of all, Mr. 'O-bomber' never once dared to defend his weekly role as the Chief Assassin of the American drone killers. He should have come clean and confess honestly, "Ich bin ein binLaden-like serial assassin!"