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San Francisco Labor Council Calls For Defense of Labor & the Working People Of Turkey
by San Francisco Labor Council
Monday Jun 17th, 2013 1:16 PM
The San Francisco Labor Council has protested the mass repression of the people of Turkey and called for an end to the repression and export of gas to the military and police in Turkey. They also have called for an end to privatization of public resources including the destruction of the Gezi park located in Taksim Plaza
San Francisco Labor Council Resolution to Defend Labor & the Working People Of Turkey

Whereas, the Turkish AKP Erdogan government has launched a massive attack against workers, youth, educators, journalists and minorities in Turkey; and

Whereas, the AKP government has supported the privatization and destruction of public spaces including the Taksim square; and

Whereas, the Taksim Square has historic important for all workers in Turkey because of the massacre of 34 workers in 1977 who were rallying on May Day; and

Whereas, the Turkish Union DISK and KESH and the International Trade Union Confederation ITUC have called for the defense of the working people of Turkey and the end of repression, the freeing of all arrested workers, journalists and thousands of people; and

Whereas, the US government has supported the policies of privatization of the post office, water, healthcare, public works and other public resources through the IMF and World Bank; and

Whereas the Turkish Union DISK is calling for a halt of the export of US gas canisters and other police and military instruments that are now being used on the people of Turkey; and

Whereas, The San Francisco Labor Council stands for labor and human rights for all working people and opposes military and police repression of democratic rights; and

Whereas, the issues of privatization of public services and education are a critical issue for working people of San Francisco and the United States; and

Whereas, the US government is continuing to support the government of Turkey despite the open violation of democratic, labor and human rights of the working people, the Kurds and other minorities in the country,

Therefore be it Resolved that this Council calls on the government of Turkey to immediately halt the repression of trade unionists and working people of Turkey, for the release of all jailed protesters, for the immediate halt of export of tear gas to Turkey from the US. This Council supports the struggle of the unions of Turkey including DISK and KESH to oppose privatization and their fight for union and human rights and this council will let these unions know that we stand in solidarity with them and will send a statement to the Embassy of Turkey and also will send letters to our Congressional representatives and US Senators to publicly oppose these assaults on labor and the working people of Turkey and call for an end to the US policy of supporting privatization and deregulation of the economy in Turkey through the IMF and World Bank which has harmed the working people and poor of Turkey and helped lead to the present situation.

Submitted by Brother Frank Martin Del Campo, LCLAA; Sister Alisa Messer, AFT 2121; Mike Casey, Unite Here 2; and Alice Lindstrom, APWU, and adopted by the San Francisco Labor Council on June 10, 2013.
§Turkish police attacking protesters
by San Francisco Labor Council Monday Jun 17th, 2013 1:16 PM
Turkish police which are attacking protesters, labor and defenders of Gezi park in Taksim square are backed by US gas and military support.