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Guerilla "No on XL Pipeline" Action in Mark Zuckerberg's SF Neighborhood
by Meibo Chan
Sunday Jun 2nd, 2013 2:39 PM
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has got some new digs in San Francisco.

Initiated by the Keystone XL Action Council, activists projected giant outdoor screenings about Keystone XL in his new neighborhood to creatively birddog Mr. Zuckerberg.

Facebook's Zuckerberg is part of an emerging Silicon Valley elite that is organizing and playing dirty big money politics, which has led to buying pro Keystone XL pipeline and ANWR drilling ads to bribe politicians to vote their way on high tech immigrant worker issues.

Environmental activists came out to a location near 21st and Church St. in San Francisco on June 1 to let Mr. Zuckerberg know they have a message. They walked up the middle of 21st Street carrying an XL Pipeline mock-up and wearing hazmat costumes.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly purchased a new home near that location. A neighbor called police to the scene when they saw the slide screening about the XL Pipeline and heard one of the protesters reading aloud a message directed to Zuckerberg and his cohort of anti-environmentalists. The man making the complaint referred to Mr. Zuckerberg as "Mark" and tried to redirect the protesters to a different location.

There were no arrests.
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