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Frankenfarms labels GMOs, prepares to March on Monsanto on May 25
Tuesday May 21st, 2013 10:03 AM
Since the US government won't be issuing a GMO ban, we need to label them. So get yourself a label and STICK IT ON THE CAN. Here we have a message from Frankenfarms Laboratories, as we prepare for our finest moment.
Monsanto is fighting globally to take control of our food supply. They are doing their best work in the US, where they already control the government. But they will not be unopposed. On May 25, we will take to the streets, and turn the tables.
Over 400 locations are on board with our lead-up labeling action before the #MarchAgainstMonsanto. Together we are bringing Franken Farms to life with our weeklong "Stick it to the Can" experiment!

Stick it to the Can week of Action:
May 18 - May 24

Didn't request labels?
You can still Stick it to the Can - Print your own labels today!

Color --
B&W ver 1 -
B&W ver 2 -

For best results, apply liberally:

Food Drives/Donations

Friends & Family
Bring the horrors of GMO food into the unsuspecting homes of friends and family. Find an opportunity to relabel some of their cans and leave them a little GMO suprise.

Farmer's Market
Grab a couple friends, some lab coats, and set up a Franken Farms Food display at your local farmer's market. Decorate your table with pro-GMO propaganda and a stack of Franken Farms Food cans. You're sure to draw attention and get some laughs as you attempt to sell your GMO goods to an organic audience.

Use this as an opportunity to connect with others and invite them out to the upcoming march. (Be sure to bring lots of informative flyers to share.) Consider taking donations in exchange for our novelty canned goods.

GMO Food Delivery
Bring a little creative delivery to your local news stations with a lunch-time delivery of Franken Farms Food, along with a press release. (If you cannot get in, think about leaving a pyramid of cans at the entrance.) What's the worst that could happen, a little fun?

In Store Labeling
Take your labels, some double sided tape, and go out shopping! GMOs are hazardous and your fellow shoppers deserve to know. Leave behind an interesting display of what food might look like if it was truthfully labeled. "GMO my God" this action is delicious!

In Store Samples

Use your imagination

*Act within your personal comfort zone. Good judgement is recommended.

Directly from the Facebook event
At this stage, our website is barebones, but we link it because we're migrating from Facebook as the result of all the "technical Issues" Facebook has every time a movement like this begins to take off.
Frank Franken has a few words to say about DIY GMO labels and the March On Monsanto, May 25
§GMOs are properly labeled by our staff of volunteers
by Tuesday May 21st, 2013 10:03 AM
When you bring home the bacon, at least it will be clearly labeled.