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1036 Dead in Bangladesh Rana Plaza, but still little done to improve work place safety
by Walmart Socks it to The Poor
Friday May 10th, 2013 5:04 AM
1036 People are now confirmed Dead in The Bangladesh Rana Plaza Building Collapse, while little or nothing is being done to improve Work Place Safety For Garment Workers, who make 16 Cents an Hour in these Unsafe Work Places.
With 1036 Garment Workers Confirmed Dead in The Rana Plaza Building Collapse, little or nothing is being done to improve Work Place Safety. Many Retail Clothers like Walmart continue to try and distance themselves from This Tragedy that cost so many lives, but the fact still remains that Walmart is literally making a Killing off Cheap Labor and Unsafe Working Conditions. Of course these Retail Clothers like Walmart made sure that if something went wrong in The Production of These Cheap Labor 16 Cent an Hour Garment Industry Goods, that they would be off the hook, by Sub Contracting The Production of These Cheap Labor Death Traps out and Demanding that Cost of Production be kept as low as Possible. Which of course means that if you don't keep the Work Place as Sub Standard as Possible, you don't get the Contract, which of course means Large Retail Clothers are Demanding Unsafe Working Conditions. As of now they are all running for cover, but as soon as the dust clears it will be Business as Usual. So the next time you buy a Mickey Mouse T Shirt, Check The Label on it and see where it was made. Because if it was mad in These Mickey Mouse NAFTA Death Trap Factories, you can bet that Blood will also be on your hands if you buy. Boycott all Goods from Bangladesh until The Government gets their act together and Forces these Garment Gangsters, who own these Factories to Make their Work Places Conform to Real Safe Standards or Go Out of Business.