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Attorney Lynne Stewart Wins First Stage for Release; Sign Petition Now
by Free Lynne Stewart
Tuesday May 7th, 2013 7:38 AM
When we reached 10,000 signatures on one petition, on April 26, 2013 the federal prison in Texas that is imprisoning framed Stage 4 cancer patient attorney Lynne Stewart finally made the first step recommendation Lynne's urgently needed release from prison. The petition still needs to go to the DC hdqtrs of prisons and to the judge who changed the sentence from 2 years to 10 years, instead of dropping the charges, which Democrat Obama could have done and still can do. Sign the petition now at
Here is the latest message from her husband, Ralph Poynter:
A major milestone has been reached in the struggle for Lynne Stewart's freedom. Lynne Stewart wrote on April 26 to confirm that the Warden at FMC Carswell recommended Compassionate Release to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

“So Happy that the Compassionate Release was granted at Carswell and we are on the road!!!

"Who DID It? --- The People Yes – and we certainly deserve a VICTORY and this is one for sure!!”

With this dramatic development, the International Campaign to Save the Life of Lynne Stewart crossed a critical threshold. We directed our attention immediately to Charles E. Samuels, Jr., the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Following two expedited communications from former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, a probation officer charged with inspecting the residence designated for Lynne Stewart's recovery was dispatched to the home of her son, attorney Geoffrey Stewart. Soon afterwards, we were notified that the residence was approved.

Thus, another hurdle has been overcome, paving the way for Lynne Stewart's Compassionate Release.

There is no time to lose. Lynne Stewart has been in quarantine for several weeks at FMC Carswell since her white blood count dropped precipitously. As Ramsey Clark wrote to BOP Director Samuels:

"Further medical tests reveal that the cancer that had metastasized rapidly to her lungs, lymph nodes and shoulder remains aggressive. If the series of chemotherapy treatments slowed its spread in certain areas, it has not attenuated in her lungs. … The sustained treatment and preparations by the medical team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City are critical to her survival.”

This is the moment to intensify our global mobilization. We must prevail upon the director of the Bureau of Prisons to file the motion for compassionate release with Judge John Koetl, the sentencing judge.

At Lynne's website,
we learn:

May 6th, 2013
Health Bulletin from Lynne May 2013

I wanted everyone to be aware of the latest state of the metastasis of my cancer, as revealed by the most recent PET scan. While the lymph nodes and scapula have shown great improvement in size and density following chemo, the cancer in my lungs has not appreciably changed. It is still Stage 4. Since I am now finished with the four chemo treatments that are considered safe, there will need to be a new course of treatment.

As you all know, I am determined to fight fight fight and one day walk out of Prison—soon. Right now, I am finding myself very weary, needing frequent naps. Worse, I am affected by the Chemo brain which takes a toll on my memory and my ability to task and multi task. As most of you would agree, nothing can be as cruel as that which affects mental ability. Nonetheless, I am trying — I have lost appetite (hence the pounds shed –some earlier and not due to cancer but to Jail) and, of course, my hair. Now that the chemo has ended, I hope that my energy level will pick up and I will be able to resume my writing and correspondence.

Meanwhile, it is more important than ever that we keep up the pressure on the Bureau of Prisons and that they do not snatch victory and turn it into defeat. We are waiting for an inspection by the Probation Department in New York, of my sons’s home where I intend to be cared for in Brooklyn. Then the motion by the Washington BOP to Judge Koeltl and his decision. None of this will happen unless we keep up the pressure. Together we all have accomplished much (See comment on “More Releases of Ailing Prisoners” NYT 5/2/13) But we have miles to go before we sleep and I must say when I return to my bed after a slight exertion, I am mighty happy to sigh and fall in !! Bring me home !!
Here is the May 1, 2013 New York Times article, More Releases of Ailing Prisoners Are Urged by Charles Savage at:

In New York, rallies are scheduled as follows:
Upcoming Rallies for Lynne in NYC
May 5th, 2013
You can support Lynne by attending the following events:

1.–Rally, Wed. May 8, 5-8pm–Times Square, NYC.

2.–Rally, Thurs. May 9, 7- 10pm–80 St. Mark’s Theatre-St. Mark’s Place at 1st Av, NYC

There was also a rally at the prison on April 26, which you can see in a video at Lynne's website at

Lynne sends her appreciation in one of her eloquent as usual statements:

I want you, individually, to know how gratifying and happy it makes me to have your support. It is uplifting, to say the least, and after a lifetime of organizing it proves once again that the People can rise.

The acknowledgement of the life-political, and solutions brought about by group unity and support, is important to all of us. Equally, so is the courage to sign on to a demand for a person whom the Government has branded with the “T” word — Terrorist. Understanding that the attack on me is a subterfuge for an attack on all lawyers who advocate without fear of Government displeasure, with intellectual honesty guided by their knowledge and their client’s desire for his or her case, I hope our effort can be a crack in the American bastion. Thank you. Lynne

03/20/13 Federal Medical Center, Carswell