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Early Childhood Education will change the school system
by Tania
Tuesday Apr 30th, 2013 11:44 AM
A new major is being implemented at some college campuses. This may improve the education our children receive during their first academic years, Pre-school.
Early Childhood Education

The education we provide our children with is what will make the biggest impact in their futures. Starting them off at a high quality preschool puts them on a step forward to success. President Obama announced earlier in the year that he believes in early childhood education because it places children at an advantage. At Sonoma State University Early Childhood Education is developing into a major, this would be useful for those who want to take a path towards the education field while trying to focus on the youngest of all children. Preschool has always been said to make a difference in the life of children, studies over the years have proven that those who attend preschool have better chances of succeeding when it comes to the rest of their schooling.

The best way for these children to get the accurate schooling at a young age is if they have people who are trained to do the teaching. By having Early Childhood Education as a major it allows the students to receive better preparation to work with children under the age of five. Having someone go into a preschool environment with an education degree limits them at what they can do. In the Sonoma News center it said “SSU is one of only two CSU campuses offering a B.A. in ECS, the other being CSU Channel Islands. The program is unique in its hands-on curriculum and its emphasis on the importance of play-based learning.” I believe that this will only be the beginning to a better school system, by making a change at the start of a child’s learning process puts them on a different track than someone who went into kindergarten without knowing the first letter of the alphabet.

The curriculum in the program focuses on different strategy than that of what is being used in pre-school now, as mentioned above they focus on play-based learning. The ages below five are much more attracted to toys. They tend to question everything, grab everything, use things for other reasons that have nothing to do with their actual purpose and that is the beauty of their world. If we allow them to learn with what they play with, then maybe then they will build a stronger connection with learning and remember what it is being mentioned in the classroom.

If a student is learning the alphabet with building blocks then perhaps when they are told to re tell what they’ve learned, they will think back to the last time they were playing with a certain block that pertained to that letter. I am for the early childhood education major to come into my college campus, and I am more than excited for it to branch out to other schools. Sonoma State and CSU Channel Islands are the beginning to a big impact in our school system. A new strategy is just what it needed and by doing this it helps develop the minds our future leaders from the start.