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I did NOT vote for Obama's Prison Camps...
Date Wednesday April 03
Time 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Location Details
Getty mansion
2870 Broadway
Event Type Protest
Organizer/AuthorCurt Wechsler
or Kill Lists, or Drones, or Deportations...

Obama returns to San Francisco Wednesday, April 3rd to renew electoral complicity of our good citizens in aggressive war and destruction of the planet.

While representatives of Democratic imperialism gorge themselves on fancy victuals and indulge in the self-gratification that ownership of spoils of Empire provides, Guantanamo hunger strikers will persist under desperate circumstances to escape illegal and immoral incarceration in america's premiere torture facility, Guantanamo Bay.

Join us to publicly renounce this violation of human rights, and all the crimes of your government, whoever does them.

The World can't Wait.

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We need to be everywhere that Black and White Snake is and telling our people of color that Obombma is not our representative. In fact some time soon he is going to sign the XL pipeline declaring war on the Indigenous peoples and Mother Earth but we cannot forget that a Libertarian (what is that another word for Nazi or Republican) held Obombma webbed feet to the fire with a filibuster until he said he promised not to kill Americans at home by drones. Just like the 392 Treaties with Indigenous nations never lived up to I don't trust this snake in a White House. Lets not forget Bradly Manning who outs the murderous military and he gets life in Jail. Fuck Obombma
by Konsider
Friday Mar 29th, 2013 12:16 AM
Obama's policies shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Those who voted for him, obviously, should have payed more attention to his background, which entailed things like support for Israel, and his stand against terrorism. The typical political rhetoric used by most Senators to cover up their elitist allegiance was at play: In Obama's case it was the veneer of patriotic moderation, something which he still tries to use, it's just that now the contrast is more blatant . Many fell for Obama's presidential snake oil campaign, and voted for him, but now that they see through his facade, that should give them all the more sense of responsibility for needing to protest, and resist the policies he's undertaken.