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Together Santa Cruz Divides
by Sylvia
Friday Mar 22nd, 2013 2:51 PM
The Declaration of a Safe Santa Cruz County scapegoats by putting on an equal level disability and crime “ ... public safety - including crime and [disability].” And there's a refusal so far to delete the prejudicial wording.
About the Together Declaration:

This Declaration is reacting to Take Back Santa Cruz and mimicking the national polarizing agenda. It looks very nice and has laudable goals. Except - it scapegoats by putting on an equal level disability and crime “ public safety - including crime and [disability].”.

I thought this was a counter to TBSC … Now, because of the refusal so far to delete the scapegoating, I think it's could be a ruse to implement forced treatment. Because the phrase “untreated mental illness” is the language of forced medication advocates. And there are four bills pending in Sacramento.

In February, the UN categorized forced treatment based on disability as torture, a basic human rights violation.

A Google search returns NAMI and TAC as the first two hits for “untreated mental illness”. For some background, read how “untreated” become a meme - no science, determined focus and lots and lots of money. http://fair.org/extra-online-articles/mindless-and-deadly/

Despite the stated intent of the Declaration to “work together in transparent … collaboration “, the email replies from togetherscc [at] gmail.com are sluggish and anonymous; the website registry is “WhoisMind Privacy”, the domain is a dot com not a dot org suggesting an intent for profit. And I have so far asked 6 of the 22 leaders listed who did the draft. They don't know. So that doesn't seem like transparency. Or accountability.

Here's the full scapegoating phrase which could so easily just be deleted: “ … public safety - including crime such as gun violence and theft, and social issues such as drug abuse, homelessness, and untreated mental-illness.”