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Kerry Supports Anti-Syrian Government Terrorists
by Stephen Lendman
Thursday Feb 28th, 2013 10:07 AM
Kerry Supports Anti-Syrian Government Terrorists

by Stephen Lendman

Kerry replaced Clinton at State. He didn't miss a beat. He continues her imperial arrogance. He prioritizes war. He deplores peace. He supports Israel's worst crimes.

He's contemptuous of rule of law principles. He supports wrong over right. He's indifferent to human suffering. US imperial priorities alone matter.

His first overseas trip continues. He left Sunday. He's visiting nine countries in 11 days. After meeting with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, he said:

"We all agree that the time has passed for President Assad to heed the voice of his people and the voice of the people in the world who want a peaceful transition and a new opportunity for Syria."

"That’s why we are examining and developing ways to accelerate the political transition that the Syrian people seek and deserve."

Plans are to assure Western-backed death squads more aid. They're not rebels. They're invaders. They're terrorists. Media scoundrels don't explain.

Last June, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused America of arming Syrian opposition fighters. Doing so is contrary to what US officials claim, he said.

On February 28, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said Kerry backs anti-government terrorists. He wants Assad ousted faster. He's involved in doing what he won't admit. He's sending "military vehicles and armors" to death squad killers.

He "neglected any stance that helps the political dialogue, and he only promised to back the armed groups in a way that encourages them to continue their criminal acts of killing, terrifying the innocent citizens, and destroying the government institutions."

Doing so makes him complicit in crimes of war and against humanity. He was earlier as Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman.

He's a longtime insider. He threatens world peace. He prioritizes war. He risks global conflict doing so.

Washington's actively arming, funding, training, and directing anti-Syrian government terrorists. It's been ongoing since conflict erupted.

America planned, instigated, and directs it. Syria is Washington's war.

Obama wants subservient puppet leadership replacing Assad. Plans are longstanding. They're lawless. They're to advance America's imperium. Kerry's job is assuring it. It's his top priority. He's an imperial warrior. Don't expect him to explain.

He's meeting with Friends of Syria in Rome. They subvert peaceful conflict resolution. He'll meet with Syrian National Council representatives in Istanbul.

Opposition fighters won't be left "dangling in the wind," he said. Aid will be significantly increased. Weapons and munitions are prioritized. Wars aren't waged without them.

Regional allies are complicit in supplying them. Israel's very much involved. So are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey. Western war profiteers produce them.

Kerry provides diplomatic cover. He claims he wants peaceful conflict resolution. Washington's waging war to prevent it.

It's got blood on its hands. It bears full responsibility for tens of thousands of Syrian deaths. Kerry's complicit in high crimes. He's dismissive of anti-Assad death squad atrocities.

He blocked a Russian-sponsored Security Council resolution. It condemned recent ones in Damascus.

Washington Post editors barely stop short of urging all-out war. On February 27, they headlined "Washington's last chance to help Syria," saying:

Kerry's credibility is on the line. It's his job to assure regime change. "US policy must (help opposition fighters) establish a full-fledged alternative government on Syrian territory and recogniz(e) it as the legal government of Syria."

No matter that doing so has no legitimacy. No country or combination thereof may interfere in the internal affairs of others. International law is explicit. It's unequivocal.

Violators are war criminals. Post editors didn't explain. Regime change matters more. So does US regional dominance. Body counts are inconsequential achieving it.

"If the Obama administration is to lead on Syria, it must commit itself to steps that can bring about the early collapse of the regime and its replacement by" a Washington acceptable alternative. Imperialism works that way.

"Only direct political and military intervention on the side of the opposition can make that happen." No matter that doing so is lawless.

Fouad Ajami serves pro-Western interests. He's a longtime warmonger. His credibility is for sale. He supports what pays well.

He shows up often on Wall Street Journal pages. Rupert Murdoch is likeminded. They represent the worst of demagogic propaganda. No lie's too outlandish to be told.

On February 27, Ajami headlined "John Kerry's Syrian Second Chance," saying:

Kerry's on his "get-to-know you European tour." He'll meet "with Friends of Syria" and opposition fighter representatives.

They "want to overthrown the murderous Assad regime." They want more help doing so. "If Mr. Kerry wants to break the stalemate, he must will the means."

"But there is no substitute for military aid….Syria is the place where the will of Iran could be broken."

Ajami barely stopped short of urging all-out war. Perhaps a follow-up column will do so. He does what his paymasters demand. He shames himself in the process. So do likeminded warmonger allies.

They support what demands condemnation. They shift focus from one conflict zone to others. They're mindless of right and wrong issues.

Advancing America's imperium alone matters. The road to Tehran runs through Damascus. Balkanizing Syria is planned. Replicating Libya is likely. Out-of-control lawlessness will follow. Violence won't end.

Today's Libya is fragmented and violent. Two or three states exist. Central government is illusory. Tribal clans maintain local authority. Green resistance wants Libya liberated. Protracted struggle continues.

Imagine replicating what should be avoided. Apparently it's what Washington has in mind. So does Israel.

War remains ongoing. Syria's being ravaged and destroyed. Hundreds of thousands may die. Greater conflict may follow.

The entire region and beyond may explode. Might over right madness risks global war.

It's hard imagining what no leader should tolerate. Weren't any past last lessons learned? Wasn't twice bitten enough?

The worst of possible scenarios is unfolding in real time. The worst of possible outcomes may follow.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen [at]

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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The U.S. Judge Jackson who chaired the trials wrote into International World Law: that the planning and doing of Aggressive War is the Supreme International Crime on the planet Earth, as it sets a wave of reactionary events throughout the world, and sets back the entire evolution of progressive liberation path to the ecological, organic web-of-life on the planet. Another way of saying the same thing is that it causes all other criminality big, small, high and low.

Jackson further says that Aggressive war is the Supreme International Crime Whether Germany does it or the U.S.A. does it. The Nuremburg Trials further says that no soldier is required to carry out unjust orders, and in fact cannot use the defense of ' I was only following orders of superior Officiers' any more, and it is illegal for Officiers giving orders for unjust war, and illegal violence to punish soldiers for refusing to carry out wrongheaded orders.

Bradley Manning and Julian Assange are two fighters that have refused to carry out unjust orders for illegal violence, and insisted that the truthful reporting be made to the public who have the right to know the truth, and not the U.s. Military Propaganda Lies and deliberate disinformation called top secrets.

These two men Manning and Assange, and the comrades that work side by side with them such as 'wikileaks' etc. are doing the correct upholding of the anti-fascist covenants, written into law by the anti-fascist fighters of the Second World War that fought for a truthful press as opposed to the Military Aggressors lies and distorted propaganda.

These are the True Heroes of our times, exposing fascist America and their unjust wars, and illegal violence. The second world war veterans know the truth of what they are doing and who they are. They are the Daniel Ellsburg of our time, and portend the comming fight for genuine democracy (Gender Parity), and collective agree of the majority to the worlds peoples.

The real war criminals are the U.s. Imperialist Aggressors and their unjust wars, and illegal violence. The anti-fascist covenants are helpful in explaining the War Criminal nature of the U.S. Imperialist Regimes in America since 1945, and onward as they carried out multiples of aggressive wars all with malice a bourhight, and false flag reportage, to disallow the anti-fascist content of the material truth in laws around the globe.

Both Bradley Manning and Julian Assange deserve the Noble Peace Prize for courage and truthful Journalism, so an intelligent Public can carry through the unity and struggle for a just peace. The fact is globally the more the U.S. Military Persecutes these courageous anti-fascist fighters the weaker the U.S. Military's position becomes. Billions of the worlds people are on side with what Brad, Julian, and wikileaks have done and are sickened by the U.S. Aggressive, Belligerent, illegal torture against these genuine heroes of the people.

You rich take care, you poor take courage. The biggest and best changes are comming, and sooner rather than later. Liberation is away from Militaristic WMD. And all countries outside of U.S. Hegemon will judge. Liberation side in covenants sets the scrapping of the war machine and its manufactury (WMD) as the freeing of the people, plants, and animals, and ending the pollution of the air, land, and water. Re-tool to the renewables such as wind, tidal, and solar power and end coal, gas, oil, and atomic fission power plants for they destroy the planets livability by burning-out and poisoning the O2 in the atmosphere.

Workers of the world unite!! End pollution wars, not endless wars for more and more pollution. Restore the Matriarchy, natures 50-50 electing!! Ye yet have a world to win!!