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San Francisco | Racial Justice

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Title: Racist Cover-ups, Discrimination & Physical Abuse, and Bullying at MLK MS
START DATE: Tuesday February 19
TIME: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Location Details:
SF District Attorney's Office
850 Bryant St.
San Francisco
Event Type: Press Conference
No More Racist Cover-ups, Discrimination & Physical Abuse And Bullying At
SF MLK Middle School!
Press Conference, Speak-out and Rally
SF DA George Gascón Do Your Job And Prosecute Eberhard, Braxton, Pon For Criminal Child Abuse!
Press Conference/Speakout/Rally
Tuesday February 19, 2013 12:00 Noon
850 Bryant St. San Francisco

Last February 2012 at the Martin Luther King Middle School serving many of the students from Hunters Point and Bayview in San Francisco, the principal Natalie Eberhard sat on a special education student. Eberhard weighs over 300 lbs. and in the incident the UESF security guard Tobias Caine, was injured.
Despite complaints to Superintendent Richard Carranza and the SF School Board along with the police there was no serious investigation and prosecution by the district, the police and DA.
Instead. the assistant principal Anthony Braxton lied on a report about the incident and Eberhard and Braxton attempted to coerce UESF teachers and SEIU 1021 staff to change their statements about the incident. Superintendent Carranza has also said that there was slander against Eberhard and a “full investigation” has been done by the district.
In fact, there was no such full investigation and the actual witnesses to the incident were never interviewed. After a press conference of parents, teachers and staff called by the USEF at the school, the principal with the support of Associate Superintendent Jeannie Pon actually bullied out of the school 17 staff members and recently unsuccessfully tried to fire Tobias for his whistleblowing.
A new cover-up is now taking place by SF District Attorney George Gascón. Gascón who spent more than $2 million in prosecuting Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi yet has refused to have his investigators interview the actual witnesses to this incident in his ongoing investigation about the MLK incident.
Gascón knows that assistant principal Anthony Braxton falsified documents concerning the incident and that he tried to coerce Caine to change his story to do damage control for Eberhard.
This criminal cover-up itself is a felony but the latest development is that assistant principal Anthony Braxton has been rewarded by Deputy Superintendent Gurrero to “support the work of the math common core standards and literacy in the SFUSD curriculum and instruction division and this is supported by Associate Superintendent Pon who herself has been involved in covering up the physical abuse. These are all criminal felonies since the cover-up of criminal abuse is a serious crime.
It is time to demand justice on the commemoration of Black History Month in San Francisco. The school board also refuses to make sure the Black workers in Hunters Point and Bay View get work at the new school now being built. The systemic discrimination against Black and Latino residents while pushing more testing and having companies like Bechtel, Pearson and other into the schools is further evidence of privatization. There is still no music and arts program at MLK which Eberhard eliminated but Carranza is giving thousands of dollars to the corrupt company Pearson Inc. to do psychological testing on the students. It’s time to demand justice and accountability of the management of the SFUSD and prosecution for criminal activity. We cannot let Gascón off the hook.
Bullies out of the Schools and Restore the Music and Art Program At MLK Middle School
Sponsored United Public Workers For Action http://www.upwa.info

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§UESF Teachers Protest Bullying
by United Public Workers For Action UPWA Tuesday Feb 12th, 2013 9:19 PM

The United Educators Of San Francisco have filed complaints of bullying of teachers at the MLK Middle School but the Principal Natalie Eberhard is still in place