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A Critque Of Laurie King, San Francisco Area Writer
by Analyst
Sunday Feb 10th, 2013 12:13 PM
responding to the writing of Laurie King

Laurie King's writing is sometimes hypnotic. Her intellect
sparkles. Among her books are a series involving Mary
Holmes, wife of Sherlock, and another featuring Kate
Martinelli, gay San Francisco detective.

A few footnotes:
Mary Magdalene (mentioned in the book A LETTER TO MARY) was not a member of the
of the Mossad, but a follower of Jesus the pacifist.

There are many points of view to the Middle East
conflict, not just a Zionist one.

Whether or not Doyle's Sherlock Holmes helped catch
one time murderers to hang them, government murder is a barbarism,
and unlike hot passionate killing, a cold premeditated murder
done by judges, prosecutors, police, and prison industrial complexes.

Sherlock Holmes and James Bond are intelligence agency sponsored
romanticizations of loanshark imperialist British capitalism's

Laurie King's main character, Mary Holmes, wife of Sherlock,
defines Indian opposition to invading Brits as treason.

She justifies her character Mary Holmes' participation in
and killing of pigs in a pigsticking hunt. Agents, she implies,
may kill and inflict pain because that is their job.

In the book To Play The Fool Laurie King attempts to
obscure the FBI's role in the killing of children at Waco,
Ruby Ridge and other places.

The book justifies the investigation of 'cults' by the FBI,
which often manifested as harassment of vegetarian and
vegan communities. (The US Army was buzzing the vegan Farm
of Tennessee until Senator Gore intervened.) Rajneesh'
land holdings in a Western livestock state threatened
the zoocide politics of that state.

Writing commercials for animal flesh is a form
of murder. King's books each contain sometimes more than
a hundred references to cadaver meals.

To write of Oxford University without mentioning the
primate torture hidden there is to muzzle the tortured
cries of despairing animals.

Hindu tenets are not mythology.

Alexander the Violent never invaded India. He
was driven out at the Indus River, as China also
was repelled.